If you are here that means you are really smart, first because you found the link to this page, and second because you are interested in having your brand hyped on Layabozi, the coolest place to advertise anywhere, the world over.

Let’s do it, the sport of marketing:

Layabozi is an innovative and creative project attracting creative thinkers and discerning consumers.
Layabozi readers are the leaders of cultural and economic changes in China.
Layabozi has become an etablished online music magazine covering the Chinese music scene over the past two years.
As an indie project, Layabozi continually strives to develop into the best possible media platform for music projects in China.
Layabozi is ready to work with sponsors in a mutually beneficial partnership. These sponsors’ products and services should match the interests and needs of our readers.

Layabozi is growing!

If you want to know more details please send us an email.

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