American Royalty Prismatic EP

American Royalty released this week their third EP this week, Prismatic. I was waiting for it since the release of “Honey & Queen”. Five songs that are again not enough long, here I am playing them over and over again to get the right dose of American Royalty. Once I start with their music, it’s just hard to leave the hang.

Song by song the hook gets stronger. The voices of Marc Gilfry and Billy Scher in armonies like spells, their soul vibe, with an aftertaste of sadness, and a fun texture. I don’t usually like high-pitched voices, specially on guys, but with these guys I forgot it. Then there are the beats, a blend of sounds that is somehow innocent, but strong, playful. And rock, they got rock too, riffed rock. Three vectors, three sound axes, and the colors.

The party stored in between the lines of “Hungry” goes from Friday eve to late hungover Sunday, Monday even.  The R&B tune of a romancer, “Mariah” a downbeat sonata. The whispering textured beat behind “EVO”, and every little detail in it, and the madness. And the feeling that is possible to live inside these songs. Prismatic is a keeper.

The plan is to continue watching the moves of American Royalty, specially now I know that Marc Gilfry would like to play in Beijing. But for now I have to see how long I can keep on playing these five songs over and over again.



Buy Prismatic on Guns In The Sun Records

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