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Fate was released in September of 2013, it’s the fourth record released by Beijing’s Arrows Made Of Desire, the last album before this one was released in 2010.

Arrows Made Of Desire have gone through several changes in their formation, but however is still Joewi Verhoeven’s band. It’s mellodic rock either close to pop or to folk, if in need to catalogue it maybe the most exact option for a genre definition for Arrows Made Of Desire would be college rock.

Fate is on the same road that the previous albums released by the band but it is much more mature musically, there is more technique in action making the sound of the band and their style more consistent. The songs’ arrangements are subtle and pretty, proving that little details can make a song much bigger than grandiloquent attempts of greatness with too much of everything. The use of little intruments and effects passing by the side of the main flow of each song build part of the character of the album, the other part are the strings that are creating the coolness of Fate, and then the lyrics and the voice of Verhoeven. About these last two, Verhoeven’s voice is not particulary beautiful or wide, but it’s sweet without being girly, which is great because I really passionately dislike male singers with girly voices. Well luckily this is not Verhoeven’s case, though he could if he would go one step higher, then it would  become too pink for me to tolerate it. The lyrics, they swing around themes that come from the innocence of youth, in some cases they are maybe too young, like on “Swim It” it could be an ironic song, but the way of saying “I want to be a superstar” somehow reveals desire in it too. This song, by the way, has a very nice arrangement.

“Five Year Plan” is a very Paul Westerberg kind of song, the sound in it is a bit messed up with the mics and the bass in the recording, but overlooking that the song itself is pretty fun, and I like that thing of a plan that might not happen, man, I know that. “Collect Paper” has a catchy melody, and a nice groove about it too. There are more than a couple of songs in Fate that could be radio hits.

The themes of Fate are very young but its music exhibit experience, probably that is the main reason to tell you that this is definetelly worth your attention. And I much hope that Joewi Verhoeven doesn’t wait another four years to put out a new album, also it would be very advisable to consider to tour it because though it was released a year ago we haven’t seen them playing for a very long time in Shanghai and in other cities of China too.

Find it and listen to it on Douban.




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