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B6‘s new album ‘Post Haze’ is certainly aptly named. It’s an excursion into a glitch happy musical spectrum filled with some fantastic audio programming that will certainly keep any fan of the genre happy. Now if you are reading this review, then I will take it for read that you are an electronic fan (if not, then I’ll save you the time and advise that you move onto the next review) and for sonic range B6 certainly gets top marks. He has a great ear for dynamics often showcasing beats that make great use of the stereo field with sound stabs that are often awash with effects that don’t come as presets.

During my time spent in Shanghai I was lucky enough to get to some of the events put on by B6 and it’s great when someone with this much talent in the studio is also able to put on a great show in person. His obvious love for dance music is evident and over the last few years has grown a great number of fans through performance and singles. His first foray into a fully fledged 54 minute album is a great third step into the wider world and will no doubt please the many fans of his work.

Now having said that, this is an album that pulls no punches. It will appeal to the lover of tight, well programmed electronica in the vein of Autechre or Akufen. This is not an outing for those looking for radio friendly pop or house and while B6 tends to side with a ‘4 on the floor’ dance beat and gives us a vocal to move to every now and then it never really moves into ‘club’ mode. This is an album for the armchair fanatic…. that individual that is more than happy to sit at home with a pair of headphones on and appreciate the finer details. That is in no way a negative. However, since slices of this album would suit a late night set perfectly.

As a whole the album is well track-listed, from the opening street soundscape and downtempo ‘Day Of The Weird Beginning’ to the more intense ‘Blind Leading The Blissed’ that increases the scope without breaking from the previously set tone. There is a very definite journey to be taken and the closing soundscape ‘4:30 AM’ is truly a multicultural slice of Shanghai.

On that note, Shanghai is a perfect setting for a release like this. With a club scene that is small enough to be personal, but with world-class talent coming through weekly it is no surprise that B6 has taken his time getting his third LP ready for public consumption. There is a lot of love on display here, if you have an ear for it there will be much for you to enjoy with ‘Post Haze’.

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