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Bottled In England released last August their first album Boy / Lost. The album contains ten songs that flow quickly from one to the next one. The sound is much cleaner and chilled than the tsunami of energy you get from them when they play live.

To listen to their album after seeing them playing live and being so inevitably captured by their power is easy only after setting my mind on the “listening to recorded music” function, other way my cells reaction to the thought of Bottle In England is “get ready to jump and yell” state.

Boy / Lost has songs that can be manipulated in live sessions to become monsters of fire and sound, but in their original way they are music that you can perfectly listen to while mind surfing on your couch, it has many different stories told through sounds and shapes to imagine with them. “Queen Acid” is a song that gives a good idea of what you can expect from the Boy / Lost experience.

The live drums create the texture of the music of Bottled In England, and the electronic sounds bring the colors to the sound. Now when you listen to the album with headphones the textures of the drums become even stronger, the cymbals revealed as the insanity of the band. The atmosphere created by the machines are the conductor of this trip with the duo, on “PONR” the foggy heavy vibe is drawn around you with the sound so well manipulated that you could even forget this is a landscape made by machines and not by nature.

Boy / Lost shows that Bottled In England is just beginning to show what they can do, that the power that they express on their live sets is just one of their sides, that their music has layers inside their songs and in its personality. So other side of their music is their recording work, their contemplative side and their playground to discover the range of their sound.

Boy / Lost was recorded last year at Ark Studio and Red Bull Studio in Copenhagen, it was recorded and produced by Michael Hansen (the third member of the band, their sound engineer), and it was mastered by Holger Lagerfeldt. The album was released independently, and it’s available on Juno.

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