Broken Thoughts Indespensable Insignificances

Indispensable Insignificances is the first album of Broken Thoughts, one of the monikers of Luo Kujo.  Indispensable Insignificances is an album for avid listeners of different styles, if you like jazz, classic, electronic, experimental, or world music, then you will enjoy this treat.

The album has ten tracks, or ten chapters really, Indispensable Insignificances is a sound-novel, an abstract story told with notes, rhythms, and sound effects. There’s no guide to listen to it, your imagination can go away to any place it wants. Musically, you can identify some sounds like characters of the story, the piano keys, the double bass strings, the brushed drums, all jazz elements, that maybe are a way to honor the influence of jazz in this music that wants to be hear with the same kind of attention. And there are the other characters, the electronic sounds, the distorted buzz, the laser gun shots, the bounces of the drum machine, the other gang, the nemesis if you want. The synth and violin chords act like the location, and the weather, the influence of the drama brought by classic music. All these elements transit from chapter to chapter through situations that are quite common I’d say. The title of the album explains it well.

Indispensable Insignificances is a creative work, a smart and young vision bringing together musical, artistic, structural, and existential concepts with the vision of a curious mind, and a raw technique to confront the conflict of its story. The fresh detail is how the music advances through the album on the edge of falling into an operatic drama, the big scary ghost of the ugly common places so easily found around the popular understanding of music in China. At moments I feel the stress similar to watching a car chase by an abyss, like a running car slipping on a curve, I feel the music hunted by a cliche, in serious risk of falling for it, but then it’s only some stones falling down the cliff, the turn goes well, like with those double bass strings in “Tiny Rainbows On The Wall”, or the modem beats finally controlling the orchestral drama in “Dark Forest Theory”. Those are the kind of details that tell me I should stay close to Luo Kujo’s music.

Broken Thoughts is the solo project of Luo Kujo, a self-taught independent musician from Kunming. Luo Kujo has four major music projects, In It his post-rock project, Broken Thoughts his electronic solo project, Even Less a depressive rock band, One Day In A Quark a minimal electronic duo with Baishui. Luo Kujo released his first album, None Of That Matters, in 2011 as In It. His second release was with Even Less in 2012, and his latest is this one Indispensable Insignificances, as Broken Thoughts. In It and Broken Thoughts are signed on Weary Bird Records.

Indispensable Insignificances was digitally released this week, in March will be launch a limited edition of five hundred CDs. Broken Thoughts stays for now as a studio project, but Luo Kujo hopes to bring it to live performances soon.



Buy and listen the full album on Broken Thoughts’ Bandcamp.

Broken Thoughts on Douban.

Find links to all Luo Kujo’s projects on his Soundcloud.

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