Büromaschinen EP Iryoku

Büromaschinen is Lorenzo Ceccotti from Italy, this is his first relase Iryoku an EP with three tracks released under Robodust Records label, all of them nicely produced with lots of spacial sounds, spacial as in travelling to Jupiter, passing by the moon, and stopping in a space station to have a gravity zero meeting with an android, that very probably you would fall for, and might transform you in a sci-fi manga character.

The tracks of Iryoku were recorded live, and there’s few post production on them, Büromaschinen said they used “Elektron monomachine, machine drum, and additional synthesizers, as the Dave Smith Mopho or Roland’s infamous MC-202. Chiptunes section involves different sequencing and synthesis, mostly Nintendo DS-10 by Korg and Fast Tracker on Amiga 500.  Recording is done on classic Studer Revox Tapemachines, and digitalisation on a Mac Pro via FireWire.” I would love to see Büromaschinen playing live, it seems it should be a very nice thing to watch and listen to.

Iryoku is full of great sounds, lots of space to imagine, and feel the music, and much sound creativity to enjoy. It’s just a shame that the EP has only three songs, in fact Iryoku only fault is that is too short, each time I listen to it I end up wanting more music of the same kind.

Listen to these summary of the three tracks of Iryoku, and then buy them, this is using well your money.



Find more music on Robodust  Records website.

More music by Büromaschinen on his Soundcloud.

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