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The distinctive mark of CAssette is that their music is sweet and sour, it exists between dreams and reality, and now with these two EPs they released last June this characteristic of them is even more clear. The side they keep hooked in dreamland is the one created by Teardroppy’s singing and storytelling, and though at a first glance might seem she is all sweetness with a little of attention you can discover that her sugar is tricky, it’s all about the way she curves her voice. On the other side are the instruments, they build a heavy dark enviroment that coexist with the acididity of Teardroppy and at the same time give her ground to be romantic avoiding cliches. CAssette had already their sound and soul resolved, but these two EPs come now as announcements of their artistic maturity.

This is an odd release, a double EP that’s the product of two different episodes in CAssette’s recording history. Onion Hell was recorded in 2012 with their new drummer at that time, He Xiaozhou. After that he left to Denmark to study percussions, then CAssette got a new drummer, Kraft, with him they recorded Tapir House in 2013. These two EPs were mixed in 2014 by Kram, the man behind CAssette’s guitar, the one with the studio and the sound vision of the band.

Onion Hell has a lot of rock ‘n roll in it. “Kill The Flowers” is a good example, but really you can pick any and you will get your rock dose, the guitar is going a lot to post rock and stoner places. “Dogday I,” the first song, is a very heavy one, almost to headbang it. “Little Boat To China” was one song released previous the EPs were out in June this year.

Tapir House has a stronger electronic vibe, much more effects, less raw strings, less riffs too, more poppy melodies, and definetelly more machines in action. The song that gives the name to the EP is a gloomy funky tune that goes pop rock when it gets stronger, and that is probably the best way to explain this EP. There is still some headbanging though, “Univolve” is a good song to dance to. “The Love Song” was the other song released previous the release of the EPs. “Geminaries” is spinning, it’s a crowd turn on. As a matter of fact I think these tunes could also have a happy life if they would be turned into remixes because already as they are they are fun to party with.

CAssette joined Waves For The Masses (W//M), an Italian net label, at the end of 2013. Onion Hell and the Tapir House were released under their wings in June of this year.

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