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More drum ‘n bass produced in China, happy times. Now it’s the turn of  ConRank, from UK. This week ConRank released his new EP You Heard Of Us.

The EP released under the label of Simma Records, contains four tracks, “You Heard of Us” is a clean track that flies around a catchy melody that it sounds familiar to me, and a couple of compasses beating easy. I can’t find yet what this melody reminds me of, I like that is simple and easy to get into it, and it sure should be fun to dance at it (not much time to dance today, sadly).

The next three tracks are an original plus two remixes produced by Savage Rehab, and Jordan & Santero. The track is “Verbaliser” featuring MC Zulu. This song marks the style of the EP, following the simplicity of “You Heard Of Us”. Cool thing is that you can hear  a “…you heard of us” in the beats. MC Zulu’s voice adds a breeze to the track. I really enjoy to listen to these clean beats, they sound to me like there’s no pressure or anxiety, and I feel that most of the drum ‘n bass or dubstep tracks that I’ve listen lately are full of stress. So I’m especially enjoying the space in these tracks, and in the two remixes too, they do keep the space free.

ConRank has already exhibited his skills on live shows, among them specially remembered in Shanghai is the one at the Midi Festival 2011 in Shanghai and all those produced by The Antidote promoter Michael Ohlsson , who is also touring ConRank around Asia. ConRank, aka Chao Fan Ge in China, has released already three EPs before this one, all with different record labels, including his own Rankadank, now he is working with Killa Kela on a couple of projects including the production for Killa Kela & Eklips EP Crowd Control, and soon ConRank will release his first album ConRank Says.

All this is indicating that if you love drum ‘n bass then you should keep your ears close to ConRank’s links.

Here is a bite of “You Heard of Us” and “Verbaliser”




More about ConRank on his official website.

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