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s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e comes with a negative introduction, a very straight forward one. Downstate wrote on its Bandcamp “I just want this out. I hate these songs in many ways because the time I made this album was terrible.” I got the link to the album when it was just released, I started to download it right away but then I read that intro and I didn’t feel at all like listening to a set of sounds that were hated by their own maker, even if it weren’t because the sounds themselves but the emotional load that they had for Downstate. The album was in my folder for new music until now.

Now I realized that I totally forgot I should not read the promos before listening to the albums, they never affect me, but I guess this is the first time I read one like this, also Downstate is one of my favorite producers of the last years, so I believed him too much and I ended up buying the promo all this time. Until I remembered that to listen to an album you have to just be totally detached of any possible admiration or trust you might feel for the artist, you can’t get involved in their feelings towards their own music. I always do it of course, especially when I get albums with promos too positive, or when I get music from musicians I love, the rule is don’t buy until after I listen to it. So I just stopped buying Downstate’s negative intro, and it was time to listen to s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e. Now I know I should have reacted faster,  but maybe not,  after all each process has its own time. It’s nice that this album has an story before the music ,  addons can enrich the music too.

s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e has sixteen tracks that should not be hated but carefully listened and enjoyed several times by many people.

“m o r n i n g ` s o l v e n t” and “t h e ` s u n . i n ~ t h e ` s e a” compete for the summit of the album, probably the winner will vary depending on your own weather. The beginning of “m o r n i n g ` s o l v e n t” is in heaven, and so it begins a song that  when you hear for just few seconds you will know it’s from Downstate, in case you’d be listening without introductions or explanations. It has all those dark silver sounds that are distinctive of him. And “t h e ` s u n . i n ~ t h e ` s e a” could be the one containing the revelatory mood to stay in while listening all the sixteen songs, as if in it is the key to understand the riddle in between these songs and their maker, or well you could just forget about that and be gently abducted by the rest of the album after “t h e ` s u n . i n ~ t h e ` s e a” catches you.

“i ‘ m ` a . f u c k i n g ` i d i o t”… what can you expect of a song with this title? Well it opens straight into the drama, beautifully handled, but surely the drama is strong in it. It has so many little sounds at the end, I’d like to rewind it and play it some few times just to dissect them and discover what are they, but still I haven’t wanted to stop the flow when it’s going to the next song. “i . c a n ‘ t _ f e e l – y o u ` a n y m o r e” … have you felt that? If you have, that’s not a happy memory, but the song is amazing. Sometimes music can become an spaceship if you let it take you around.

“a l l . t h e ` b i r d s . d i e d _” is kind of a mean song. Birds dying is sad news, but then the sound is funky and inviting to dance. Downstate is making us dance to dead birds. The song has two or three parts in it, like most of the songs in the album. Two or three because at a certain point the divisions aren’t so clear. And what is even more strange is that the end is long and warm, and it could make you smile sometimes. It’s a strange fun song.

s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e is full of spaces, corners, and levels, even curves and tunnels too. There are a lot of curves in it actually, some very smooth and sweet and some abrupt, but all of them take you to good places. Also there are so many sounds to catch around, it’s like s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e is a little paradise for sound geeks where to go to catch and try to identify what are they really. …Is that fireworks at the end of “i l o v e u”? it could be something else, but they sound a lot like fireworks, and it’d be so right there. Most of the melodies are so sweet that they are almost ready to fit in music boxes. There are some confusing moments, and some strange turns, like the twists in “d o n ‘ t . y o u ` d i e ~ o n ‘ m e” and in “d i s i n t e g r a t i o n ` p o o l” but they provide great texture to the songs and to the whole of the album.

There is no one ugly moment in s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e, it’s the total opposite,   s l o w ` m o t i o n . w a v e is beautiful,  intersting,  fun,  and captivating.

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