Drone Doors Of Perception

Some days you wake up feeling easier and simple, some others everything needs three rolls of analysis before starting to decode reality. Well, today I’m on the first one. I’m not into shredding music genres today. This is rock.

Drone is a Danish band that recently moved to Germany to continue their mission to conquer their universe. Last December they released Doors Of Perception, an album with fourteen songs that explore deep into rock. This was the first impression I got from Doors Of Perception, these guys are diving into their own sound, exploring their own ground, and possibilities through rock. Honestly, I have no idea how to explain how I heard this in the album, I could dissect the experience and the feeling to explain it to you more clear, but, well, no, I won’t. Let’s be simple. Rock mode.

Drone singer and guitar player, Rasmus  Sjøgren, has an attractive voice, I like a lot his tone, to me seems easy to connect with his intention behind the words, when he is yelling I want to be loud too, and when he is low I want to melt in the shadows of the song. It’s not a wide range voice, but it fits great in this music. The drums by Rasmus Cederlund are strong and deep, he brings metal to the surface, making the songs shine. His changes and breaks hook me in their trip, turning the moments from ordinary to epic. The strings, including the bass by Morten Nygaard, build a melodic ground, and the drums with its textures create the bigger landscape with huge rock mountains.

Though “Divide and Conquer” is a great song, and it’s introduced as the single of the album, to me the trilogy of “Elysian Peasant”, “Elysian Vision”, and “Intuition”, coming in line, all together, are the epic moment of Doors Of Perceptions, heavy, consistent, wide, and full. When they end, I want to go back and play them again, and again. But I don’t (not all the time), the second half of Doors Of Perception is fresh, and “My Own” develops the album in an operatic way, and with “The Minx”, and “Turmoil” create a next act that is as powerful as the one before. “The Minx” actually brings up new sounds with the strings, and additional machines. After “Turmoil” the air is full with rock, and still I want more. Rock, of course.

Doors Of Perception is bold daring the fear of pettiness, and it’s smart keeping its sound in lands that Drone can handle well still. As a the second album of the band it does show maturity in the knowledge of themselves, and it brings up questions about the evolution of the band, their sound seems to be wanting to develop to explore and conquer more lands, not only Germany, and China probably, but also the abstract lands of music. After all, music must be adventurous. Specially rock.





Find more about Drone on their official website.

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