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Elos, is Chaz Lewis, and also KID HIM, a producer rooted in the sounds of the Low End Theory. Next week will be the release of his new album titled Kid Him. It’s a bit confusing this exchange of names, sometimes it happens that with having multiple personalities assists the clarity of the artists to create with different styles, but it can really confuse the listener. But whatever the name the music that’s coming out from this guy is rich.

Kid Him has fourteen tracks that flow easy and nicely. The artist himself says about it “the discovery of a new direction through a sci-fi tale of loss and isolation. Our captain finds his outer-dimensional vessel shipwrecked, creating a new home in a cave near the crash site…”

“Zoltan Ship” is the fourth track of the album. A melodic set of synth sounds create a light space, simple and easy to hang in it.  Clean retro synth sound are all over Kid Him, add the titles of the songs, the steady soft beats like radars or cardiac sonars, and the result is cosmic landscape, a peaceful one really, not one under domination by dark forces.

It’s kind of hard to avoid comparisons sometimes, but this time it’s hard to not remember Nosaj Thing, and Büromaschinen, maybe Elos could be the last piece for a perfect triad of creators of sci-fi voyages in music.


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