Hamacide + ChaCha You Me

Today was released the new album of Hamacide, an EP based in the song “You Me” that Hamacide did in collaboration with ChaCha. They produced this song in 2011 before ChaCha left to Madrid to the Red Bull Academy, Hamacide says he was planning first to use the song on his next album, but then he thought of inviting friends from Shanghai and New York to re-interpretate the song, as he explains in his presentation for the album.

“You Me”, the original song, has some details that recall the best mellow but funky beats of the eighties, that and some of the effects that are like new wave-ish decoration give the song a retro vibe. ChaCha’s singing is tender, and similar to her sound with AM444. Hamacide’s and Jared Turinsky remix bring the main song to hip hop lands. Lightswitch Lafayette mix is close to dubstep with its bouncing basses, while Downstate’s Yan’An mix is the one that brings the contrast lights to the album with a very melodic interpretation of “You Me”.  The five tracks of the EP are easy to enjoy, and sure they are good material for DJs to play with them.

The album cover is done by Lily Xiao.

You Me (Original) by Hamacide

You Me (Jared Turinsky Quogue Mix) by Hamacide

You Me (Downstate Yan’an Mix) by Hamacide

Get You Me on Hamacide’s Bandcamp.

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