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Husky Rescue is from Helsinki, Finland.  The band is leaded by bass player Marko Nyberg, (here on Layabozi we believe that any band leaded by a bass player has an extra lucky star). Reeta-Leena Korhola is the fairy, or mermaid-like voice of the band, Maria Illmoniemi is on the spatial and dreamy keyboard, Anssi Sopanen on the drums doing the nice dry rolling drumbeats, and Miika Colliander on guitar, coincidentally the man behind the fresh riffs.

Ship of Light is the third studio album of the band, it was released on 2010. On April 2011 they released a deluxe box set edition that contains the original album, plus CD with fifteen tracks – new remixes and the instrumental edition of the original album– , and a DVD with nine videos including the video of  “Sound of Love” that they filmed last year on Beijing during their visit to China due to the exhibition of music produced by Finland on their pavilion at the Expo Shanghai 2010.

Husky Rescue – Fast Lane by Catskillsrecords

Ship of Light certainly transports. All along the album are strong sounds that can grab your attention to move you to other spaces, no matter where you are, what you are doing, or how you are feeling, you’ll become light and trip with it. It seems difficult to imagine that someone would not be captured by these sounds. On every track there are references to incidental music, sounds of road trips, sounds of landscapes opening, sounds of spirits twisting and rambling, clouds traveling, sounds of riders, indians invoking, jokers and storytellers, crying ghosts, and damsels running, dancing, or dreaming.

The album is a ticket to ride on fantasies, dreams, or lost memories of the past, or even the future. The arrangements of the songs are delicate, and charming. There’s a lot of light on these songs, white blue lights, I’d say, some tones of orange, and pink too. Usually good pieces of art are sustained on the use of the shadows, and the darkness, these are interesting here too, but I find that the greatness of this album is how the use of light never falls into platitudes. There are no uncomfortable sounds. It surprises me that I feel close to them, even though they were, and somehow still, are unknown to me.  And even I’ve listened to this album already hundreds of times, I’m still impressed that is so familiar, and at the same time so new to me. It has a close/faraway strong element on it.

No matter how many times I listen to Ship of Light, each time I experience new feelings to add to its list of tags, dreams, mystery, disco, spatial, curiosity, bizarre … love, speed, airy, sea winds, enchanted forests, fiction cities, cartooned people, speaking beasts, ghosts, angels, demons, monsters… I could go on forever, and I rather skip the tags electronic, beats, rock, pop, etc. … etc.

Husky Rescue is prolific on Ship of Light, so together that I don’t feel naturally tempted to shred the music into pieces. There are many intruments playing, cohabitating so well together, no one is stepping into other’s space, and they move and use different spaces, and from their own spots they communicate, dance, even fly. The result is so balanced and strong that the slightest intent of analyse the pieces feels like intruding, and it’s not that they are hermetic, or unfriendly, but the balance works so nice, that I don’t feel tempted to analyse, but to trip with them. And this is not only about the pieces of the band, but also the songs of the album; listening to Ship of Light is an experience, you could listen to just one tune, and even choose one that you’d like better, if you want to, but then… if there’s no need, why? It seems unnecessary to cut a story into pieces when the story itself is a living puzzle. Or instead of a puzzle, a kaleidoscope.

As a matter of fact, now I’m realizing Ship of Light has been so hypnotizing for me, that probably that’s why it took me so long to get out of it to be able to write about it. I heard it the first time and immedietely I fell for it, I have played it forever since then, and each time I’ve felt is right I’ve played it for a friend, it has never failed to call the attention of the listeners, whether I tell them I’ll show them a nice album, or if I just play it with no introduction. No matter how I present it, suddenly people will fall into it, and then we’ll just dedicate all our senses to a nice moment to listen to, and travel in, Ship of Light.

Husky Rescue – We Shall Burn Bright (Original) by Catskillsrecords

Listen to more of Husky Rescue on their Soundcloud page. This year they did a competition there to get mixes for four of their songs, you can listen to the one-hundred-seventy mixes on Soundcloud.

Fast Lane (Black Grass Refix) by Catskillsrecords

We Shall Burn Bright (iambic remix) by Catskillsrecords

Also find more about Husky Rescue on their official website, and on their Douban page. Watch their video “Sound of Love” filmed in China on Tudou.

Husky Rescue’s record label  is Catskills, there you can buy Ship of Light and their other albums.

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