"Illicit Intercepts" The Rogue Transmission's seed.

The official release of “Illicit intercepts” was last October, the concert was all about rock, the music was supreme, the people was excited, it was a very memorable party of music.

“Illicit Intercepts” is the first album of The Rogue Transmission produced by Albert Yu and Dan Shapiro on the side. The five songs of the EP are well built and charged to let you wanting to here more soon. The album bets successfully on simplicity and honesty, passion for rock. This is a great thing about this band, their music is a perfect reflect of these characteristics and it’s also the statement of “Illicit Intercepts”.

Dan, singer and writer of TRT explains the theme’s of the songs: “all the songs are about sex and romance, drugs and booze, women and parties, mortality and decadence, and apathy and confusion and they are whatever you want to make of them.” Yes, the lyrics are blurry on the ear, with some devotion you can get to sing some cool lines with Dan, one of my favorites, as I get it, is “we’re gonna dance with the devil all the way to the world because we’ve live our lives in sin”. .. yeah!!!

The five songs are finished with care, it’s a right start to keep as the first indie recording of The Rogue Transmission. The first track “Rolin’ the Dice” is already a hit of TRT’s beginnings, I don’t know if we can call it yet a classic but it’s a good omen for sure. “A.B.T” is other hit on the live career of TRT, a good rock composition. My favorite is the hidden track, the nice call at 8.40 minutes, the speed and the riffs are the wish, mine at least, for the next dish with TRT.

Now, it depends on what are the projections of the band for their future, if they want to go for big, then “Illicit intercepts” will work to remind them their original motivation to go into music business. To go for the big catch TRT will have to swim deeper on music and technique. Live performing is pretty much worked out, can’t get more comfortable as they already are.

Dan’s voice has a good flavor and the perfect intention, I’m just always wishing to hear him much louder and deeper; stronger to kick the mic far and yell all out, loud enough to hear him on the other street and wake up the dead. The instruments have develop a good coalition, the final sound is right, easy to follow and dance with them, for them to go further on the future the call is for more art. I like the style of the bass, rock ‘n’ roll with strong bass lines can always develop a strong personality for the music to come. The guitar riffs with the drums sweeping the energy to the next level have a good basis to grow, they have already built an active call for the mass. As I see it ,now the mass is opened ears, waiting for the next to come.

All together “Illicit Intercepts” is an album to keep with your valuable records, if the musical vision of TRT bets on more this will be one of those albums that become a collectible treasure on your music library.

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