John Tejada & Josh Humphrey Pulse Locker


From the headquarters of Palette Recordings in LA (U.S.A.) comes a new release by its chief protagonist John Tejada with composer and producer Josh Humphrey.

It’s not the first time these two lords of techno house unite forces, they accumulated several tracks from the full-length Assimilation, to the EP called Marooned. Also John & Josh have another two tracks included in the Palette complitation titled Nothing But Love Songs.

This time they deliver this analogic trip called Pulse Locker EP.  As it’s explained on the promo “the name refers to the method of synching analog modular instruments and drum machines, no computers on the process.” The record is obviously done through this process, you can feel it.  Organic analog sounds with a precise dose of groove.

“Pulse Locker” has a bludgeoning groove, you literally will be teleported on a field between techno and house music during the seven minutes of the track. “Pulse Locker” has a striking balance between liquid and hypnotic and a shape that tends to open and close, with these synthesizers indeed sounds authentic and artisanal.

“Bifur Gates” is a blast! Huge track with a TR-808. Powerful rhythm with glorious chords. The hi hats seem slapping your mind in a delicate manner, altogether a masterpiece of sonorous art.

The last cut “Unanimous Arc” produced with SH-101 it crucifies you with its modular chords and wise madness.

I totally recommend Press Locker EP.


1. Pulse Locker

2. Bifur Gates

3. Unanimous Arc


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