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We got this one through thruoutin. This is an EP produced by American electronic producer Johnny Jitters. Closure is a six track EP with one song, and five remixes of it. The original track is spacey and based on a very simple melody, almost a bit too simple, given the few layers of the track. The noisy canvas for the melody and the long notes in the melody build the atmosphere of the song, giving it the character that makes the song interesting. Because of the simplicity of the song, there is a lot of space to play with it doing a remix of it. Though that space can also be read as a challenge by the artists doing the remixes, if they are thinking too much on keeping the original vibe.

The first remix done by Coppice Halifax is a darker spacey interpretation of the original. Phylum Synter did the second, which is classified by the author as intelligent dance music, to me it sounds a lot like in the neighborhood of dubstep, anyway it has a cheerful pulse that’s not in the original. The third remix is thruoutin’s, and his version features more colors and textures, adding more lines to the dialogue in the melody of the tune resulting in a nice harmony that gives weight to the song, still keeping the song in the field of the electronic spacey style, thruoutin uses Chinese strings and vocals bringing a new point to the dialogue in the EP. The fourth version is by Christmas Lights, he turns some bits in notes, adding again harmony to the original, but he keeps it in an ambient mood. Nonima’s is the last remix, with just few transformations of the elements of the original track he produced a version that is more full and solid than the original.

Closure features an interesting collection of sounds, that can be a fun experience for geeky listeners, not an unforgettable one, but definitely  a nice exhibition of what could be read as dialogue of sounds going around one subject. It feels like a fun game for the producers, but not as interesting for the listener,  mostly because there’s a lot of the same in most of the remixes, and maybe just few real inputs during the dialogue, I feel the most interesting additions are coming from thruoutin and Nomina, and the rest are not really adding much value to the whole. In any case, I still think is an interesting listening exercise for geeky listeners.

You can download Closure for free, or for whatever you want to pay (better to pay something to support music… very probable this is unnecessary to say) from its Bandcamp page.





Find more about Johnny Jitters on his Soundcloud, and more about thruoutin also on Soundcloud.







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