Lapalux Some Other Time

This EP was released  weeks ago, it’s my fault to review it just now, we got it right on time, the one thing that I can use as an explanation to have not share it earlier is that I have been haunted by it. I have been playing it, and playing it, and playing it, and still it has not been enough of it. But okay, it is time to stop being selfish and share it.

Stuart Howard is Lapalux, Some Other Time is his second EP for Brainfeeder.

Yesterday when I decided it was time to write about it I thought the most honest thing to do and write was to just say “It is simply beautiful”, nothing else. I feel now like writing a bit more about it, but not much, because the most important thing to do with this EP is to listen to it, over and over again, just because … it is beautiful.

Since the very first second playing Some Other Time, when “Quartz” starts, the world around transforms in a journey through amazing feelings and spaces. It’s one of those times that I remember I need better headphones, better speakers, a lot of empty space around me, no neighbors, and free time to carefully listen to great music. “Quartz” is the song I’d like to have in a music box. “Jaw Jacking” has amazing textures. “Forgetting And Learning Again” has so much to play with, candy for DJs. “Strangling You With The Chord,” well, yes, at this point, I wouldn’t mind at all. “Close Call” is a set of perfect sounds at the right spot, the only wrong thing about it is that this is the last song, I still fantasize about Some Other Time growing more songs, though I know, it is perfect as it is.




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