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This new vinyl is a jewel for all deep techno and house Detroit sound fans, like I consider myself. Life Recorder’s No Look Back will be out soon on Aesthetic Audio.

Detroit sound is still a truly inspiration for so many artist and Labels in U.S.A, some of this old school artist are consider the fathers of techno and their labels are source of inspiration for so many generations of artists. Aesthetic Audio was founded in 2007 for Keith Worthy in Michigan Detroit, being one of the most respected labels to emerge from Detroit in the recent years. His eclectic catalog includes productions from artists as diverse as Miles Sagnia, Juju & Jordash, Yasuo Sato, Tony Lioni or his master and comander Keith Worthy.

Labels and artist from Europe are keeping alive the Detroit spirit in their productions how demonstrates in these case the French producer based in Marseille Kriss Kortz aka Life Recorder, I have a deep admiration for this artist, in fact he released Positives Changes EP last year in my own project Science Label with really good acceptation from media, audience and a lot of artist around the world. He also has working with labels such as Snapshot, Minimalsoul, Nice & Nasty or Night Drive Music to name a few. Life Recorder always provides a hint of elegance to the music plus his Mediterranean own vision of Detroit and Chicago sounds as we can feel it in this new EP No Look Back.

The EP begins with the beautiful “Inside Feelings” this track is perfectly shaped to my taste, the rhythm is charming, with a great use of the cutoff the synthesizers are coming and going creating an exquisite atmosphere, a really gorgeous track that I can’t stop listen.

“Keep Maintain” continuous with that elegant and deep line but using different components, this track produces a neo Detroit tech-house feeling. It’s a good tool for many deep Djs around the planet.

Then it appears “Sun Rays” where the delay takes possession of synthesizers to create a strategic mix layer that take us to another level, the consciousness sensorial, to get you back at the end.

Last the track that gives name to this release “No Look Back”, the rhythm in this track has a very different groove, as in a controlled anarchy of his percussions parts, synthesizers, and the bass line, it seems to be speaking in a deep code. This track is one of those that makes you notice a different piece each time you are listening.

Track List

1. Inside Feelings

2. Keep Maintain

3. Sun Rays

4. No Look Back

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