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A couple of months ago we showed you the first and new single of this very new band from Australia. Now we got their first album Old Life.

Old Life, recorded in Sydney by Tim Carr and part of Tenzenmen’s catalog, gives us the chance to dive deeper into the sounds of Mere Women. “Amends”, their first single that was released last April, was a very strong statement to be the first sound to hear from a new band, I was as impressed as curious about the ways and sounds of Mere Women. Now that I’ve listened to the ten songs in Old Life, I’m glad to say that “Amends” was not just a one lucky shot, Mere Women have content and style in their music, and their talent rests equally on the three members of the band. Drums, keys, guitar, effects, voice, individually and together are strong elements in Mere Women, plus their option of style: a gothic, dark, but not heavy, noisy rock near pop, it’s fresh and consistent with all the elements of the band and their music.

From trip hop sounds, to hard core sounds, Old Life shows that Mere Women have a vast universe to explore and share. They are experimenting with rock, and playing with their ideas. All the songs of Old Life have a friendly surface and a deep area to navigate, so listening to them is fun and interesting, and I think it would be unlikely to be tired of listening to Old Life… well, unless you go nuts and start an obsessive trip playing non-stop the album, and driving crazy the people around you. (I hope you are not that kind of psycho music assassin.)

Besides “Amends”, that I have listened periodically since first came out, I specially like “Bones” a song with nice riffs, and drums rattles, lots of bass, and deep vibes. “Indians” another song with heavy drum rattles, tribal style, plays with breaks and buzzes, and guitar effects that fill the space. “Blonde Kid” has a reminiscence of old brit pop brought to present, an idea that’s present all along Old Life, but the distant echo of the shadowed riff makes it stronger in this song. “Mister Memory” is a big song that could burn a crowd. And “Esther”, the second single of the album, is a great sample to appreciate how Mere Women play with the distortion of their sounds, how noisy they can be. On their blog the band explains “Esther”, “This track is about an amazingly creative and talented women who spent a large portion of her life in a state of stifling depression, devouring soap operas and polishing off crosswords. Not many people knew anything about her”.



Find more about Mere Women on their blog.

Buy Old Life on Tenzenmen’s Bandcamp.


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