Mondrian Flood of Kool

French band Mondrian just released their third EP Flood of Kool. The six songs of the album have a friendly pop sound, easy to catch in a good mood, with solid arrangements and a candid vibe all over the album.

Flood of Kool starts with “Paris”, a tune that invites to march in their vibe, and stay in to listen to what they are talking about.  Then “Henry The Behaviourist” has sweet strings, a nice tempo, plus the cadenza sang by their singer Roman Oswald, it will just make you stay there still.  “Bolt From The Blue”, violin, keyboards, harmonies, and catchy lyrics and rhythm to tap at. “Song for Georgia May Jagger” is the strongest to me, I just like it best. “More Of The Sweetest Thing” has beats, claps, and an electronic nice breeze. “Maverick” closes with a soft declination of the sound, still with a warm pulse, and nice harmonies, it finishes the EP with a sweet atmosphere.

It’s not everyday thing to me that I like an album with only positive vibes, usually when all the sounds are all happy the songs are full of common places, which is of course a sign of lack of creativity, and moods that are extremely shiny end up pushing me, and my ironic sense of the world, away from them. I feel nothing like this with Modrian’s Flood of Kool, I can hear confidence and candor between the lines of  their music, a good sense of space and sounds, and cleverness to build the songs, although for my taste, I think, they could use more witticism to create the conflicts of their tunes, but that’s me and my dark side. I’m sure there are a lot of people around here that will like them as they are. Totally recommended to get their album.


Buy Mondrian’s Flood of Kool on their Bandcamp page, also there, get for free the first song Paris. And go around to check their earlier albums.

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