Saucy's “Last Call for Drinks”

Saucy is from Melbourne Australia, but his music is from many more places, and certainly it is from Shanghai. For sure its sounds matches with many landscapes, but if you know he passed by Shanghai and got stuck/in love with our city, then link will materialize through the sound. Shanghai and Saucy have something going on.

“Last Call for Drinks” is his first album under the wing of Ballerina Recordings. The story of this album includes a strong influence of Shanghai in its sound. An atmosphere very well produced takes you from the beginning with a shiny light blue energy and never let you go until the album is over. If you like Shanghai, if you know the feeling of being taken by the mass walking by the Yanan rd. and Chongqin lu. If you see to the sky and feel joyful surrounded by skyscrapers with spaceships parking on their top floors, if you have been riding a bike among hundreds of wheels on a windy warm day, then you can feel Saucy’s music. It’s a trip turning you on a 3D anime character traveling on an ultra sonic two-wheels vehicle wearing a plastic ultra well shaped suit and a very light metallic looking helmet.

Saucy lived in Shanghai on 2005, he spent a year in this illuminated city to live the Shanghai experience and get deep in his music work. During that time he spined around some clubs on town where the Chinese house music scene was more progressive and open to try a better recipe from the foreign fashionable clubs at that time. Seemed Saucy wanted to establish his music path, he shared with other guys playing in Shanghai as Paul London who that year was one of the best DJs in town and also with Matt Kitshon, a great contribution to the Progressive House scene around Shanghai and China. Those were the times were Studio 78 on Tongren rd. was the shelter for these DJs and others spinning around town, a place to meet for after-hour electronic jam sessions.

The 11 tracks of “Last Call for Drinks” flow smoothly from one to the other, vocals give shadow to contrast the light of the electronic sounds. Drums come to surprise, as the only raw sound allowed on the center of attention. Sometimes the sound of the 80’s comes from the back on a new beginning, bringing a breath of pop to take us again to the electronic fantasy. These are tunes to harmonize peacefully with the ambient of the highways. Serenity is the heart and the confession of the album.

One of Saucy’s statement says he loves electronic music because it has a vanilla flavor, something about that shiny light blue atmosphere may be. The idea: if you’ve already found something you like, then why you should move from there. Saucy’s sound is a solid electronic statement, it’s not to convince, it is to enjoy.

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