TeamSupreme Collection 1


TeamSupreme Collection 1 was released last week by Alpha Pup. The album is a collection of nineteen tracks produced by artists who connected because of their playful creativity.

Their intro says, “Forty weeks ago on a balmy So Cal evening, Alpha Pup artists Preston Walker (of Virtual Boy) and Great Dane (newly signed) challenged each other to a game: produce a one-minute beat in one hour, using a set BPM and sample from the Notorious B.I.G. Sixty minutes later two new tracks were created, and TeamSupreme was born”.

The game evolved and spread, and it turned into a weekly podcast released every Monday, one of the artists pick a BPM and two samples, one transition sound, and one remix. The producers create a one minute track, and the results are merged into a weekly podcast, once a month they do their own party too.

This album shows well the spirit behind this collective and the quality of the productions that these artists are delivering weekly through their podcast. The tracks in the album are extended over the one minute duration limit set for the podcast/game, these are “the upgrades” of the original pieces created for the game.

The album is refreshing and fun. When I finally had the time to listened to it, reading about the producers and the collective, I felt I went into a new space with many new artists I wanted to know better, listen to more of their music. The common sounds the collective plays with are fresh, and there’s space for the individuality of each of the artists. This album is fun, friendly, and smart. It hooks you with the podcast of TeamSupreme, and it drags you to the worlds of the featured producers. I am already wondering when Alpha Pup will relase the Collection 2. TeamSupreme Collection 1 is a capturing move indeed.

Check some of the beats in Collection 1





Track List:

1. Elos – Clean Under Dirt
2. Djemba Djemba – Yah Pop
3. Mr Carmack – Guantanamo Bay
4. DJ Nobody -LINGUS
5. Kenny Segal – busy busy busy
6. King Henry  -Teddy Rooster
7. Penthouse Penthouse – In the Penthouse
8. Jonathan Stein – Wetnap
9. Preston James – Wasted
10. Tk Kayembe -SKRIPPAZ
11. Great Dane – Fully Torqued
12. Snorlax – Bottle Service
13. Dot – High Gene
14. Papi – All Nite (Instrumental)
15. Kendo – No Preservatives
16. Kloud – Palawan Beach
17. Fuzz – what’s up with tomorrow
18. Colta – Showing
19. Nalepa – Uh Oh Hey Um


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TeamSupreme Podcast… this week’s edition was ruled by DJ Shadow


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