Terror Danjah VS Champion Sons Of Anarchy


Sons Of Anarchy is out this week via Hyperdub. The awaited EP by Terror Danjah and Champion features four tracks, two produced by the two bass heads in collaboration, and two done solo by each of them.

Sons Of Anarchy opens with Terror Danjah’s “Glide” warming up the space with a soft bass that quickly goes nuts with the rhythm, then bongs, glitches, robots, and zombie synths come in and the gathering of deep sounds is on. “Stone Island” is the first track by the two artists, in it the bass is bouncing, also the drums that go up and down with a little latin swing pushing the hips. It’s almost around the corner to moombahton, but thankfully it’s not getting closer than that.

Champion’s solo track is “Bowser Castle”, my speakers love it, the bass massage is ultra sweet. “Explode” is the final track, and the second by the two bass lovers, and again latin rhythms are on, a lot of samba this time, more than cumbia…. samba is always more fun than cumbia, just because it needs more talent to dance it. Hollow wooden tubes dancing, rubber barrels push up and suck out, and there’s a party with drowned basses all over the track.

Sons Of Anarchy brings up the styles and characteristic rhythms of each of these producers making it easy to see what brings them together and puts them apart. The tracks are all nice material for DJs, and good food for bass lovers.


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