The Analog Girl – Sometime Next Galaxy (EP)

The seven songs on this EP could perfectly fit inside an antique wooden made music box. The Analog Girl sound has a romantic tone trespassing the electronic beats and wrapping the listener on a vintage atmosphere, a very interesting accomplishment for electronic music.

The opening song is an ear opener using a playful shyness that will evolve from song to song mutating to sweetness and then later it will reach for a second a tricky tone making us doubt of the innocence of the voice.

Mei, The Analog Girl, plays smartly with modular sounds creating deep atmospheres to display her voice in them and build this romantic electronic sound. The EP has a great narrative line from track to track, telling a story of soft colors and slow changes, something about enjoying quietly, a pleasant rhythm. Certainly a nice piece, and a great attention caller to keep us on guard expecting the next album of The Analog Girl.

The EP was released at the end of 2007 and it was played by the Analog Girl three weeks ago at La Bella Cafe. Mei played the songs with a Nintendo Gameboy and the 8-bit soundchip and she said she will come back soon this year to Shanghai and this time with her MacPro.

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