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Nasty Wizard Recordings first release of the year is this EP with tracks from Beijing based Noise Arcade and Palangkaraya based  Theo Nugraha. The EP simply titled Theo Nugraha x Noise Arcade has three long tracks that together are long enough for a good ride around the city tripping the weirdness and the sweetness of the life on asphalt.

I should add a disclaimer here, I am not into noise, I don’t think I understand it, yet maybe, and I don’t think I would ever have chosen by myself to listen to noise in my headphones, I’m interested in listening to it live, I think I can take it for some minutes as long as the crowd is responsive because the most attractive thing I get from it is to see people reacting to it. I might need a teacher to learn to listen to noise. Said this, then I can tell you, I knew there was noise coming in this EP so I was a little scared to play it while going around the city on my daily rides, but fear to music is ridiculous (some people should still seriously learn this) and I jumped into the experience, I went around town having these tracks on continuous playback and the result was surprisingly fun and strange. “Sehelai Benang” that’s the one by Theo Nugraha, the one that’s the noise in the EP, it goes for over seventeen minutes (I’d like to know what’s in this guy’s mind in between his shores) but it did added a lot of texture to the whole, and new feelings and ideas to my usual landscape of the city.

The first track “Difficulty In Getting A Reply” is simple and not, which makes it inviting and easy to enjoy, it moves like a spiral of beats, and subtly rockets your mind around atmospheres, it builds ambient. “The Realization That You Don’t Know What’s Coming Next” is the ride around the world where “Difficulty In Getting A Reply” was actually driving you to. A sci-fi place with more than one moon and some funny animals running around a dusty geography. But also a soundtrack for the bike track around the highways of China, and a ballad for the people cleaning carpets on the street. Basically, it has space to trip around and imagine weird and sweet things as I first told you.

Some music is made to push you to edges you wouldn’t go by yourself, I feel that this is the energy that prevails from this EP, it’s into pushing boundaries of all kinds. Personal processes and general ideas of what’s around us pushed to be stressed and confronted. I know this sounds a little strange to describe an EP, but so it’s this EP. You know well that there is some music that helps you to see things in different ways, so it seems this is the case with Theo Nugraha x Noise Arcade.

Go for it, listen to the tracks, download them, you could get them for free if you are in need of your coins, but you know, it’s much cooler to leave some money in the hat of the musicians if you love music and want them to have time and energy to make their art. Also, while you check it on its Bandcamp you can read more about the making of this EP

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