Trickski Unreality Remixed EP


From Germany arrives to Layabozi a new release from Suol Recordings, five new remixes from tracks that Trickski (Daniel Becker & Yannick Labbé) had released in Suol Recordings last year, the Berlin duo first album Unreality (2011) included slow house music with a German touch and polished tech house. In that line it moves this new EP, remixes from artists such as Fritz Zander, Mark E, and the young Munich-based duo Cocolores, and to finish Aliwal North (I never heard of him before).

First we have Trickski’s rework “Can’t Get Through”  slow pitch track  that seems to be danceable. Second track “Love’s A Beat” remixed by Fritz Zander is a genuine deep house track with some vocals creating a summer feeling. Then is the turn of Mark E to remix “Beginning” offering us the most hypnotic and dark track of this release. The young duo Cocolores also remixed “Beginning” giving the track a smoother vision and not as interesting as the one from Mark E. The last artist to deliver his interpretation of “Beginning” is Aliwal North, I have no references about this artist, anyway, I think he did good work in his remix with static groove to dance.


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