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Five years ago I discovered Van Hai a multidisciplinary artist and art director from Vietnam that was based in Lausanne (Switzerland).  I was lucky to find out he was also a good friend, a very creative soul,a family man, a life lover, and many more great things that I also can feel reflecting from his compositions.

I remember well that time I met him, two tracks on his Myspace pierced my soul, “La Creature”, and “Le Camp”. I wrote him immediately a message trying to explain how his music touched me spiritualy,  and then I step into a second great discvering, only humility and goodness found in his response. He also told me “with this password you can download all the music I did until now. Keep it safe” That was a wonderful gift to me, more than thirty-five tracks plenty of melancoly, happiness, nostalgy, and great purity in its core. Since this day Van Hai’s music became the soundtrack of my life,  when I feel away from my family, when I listen to music working at the office, or even when I’m doing nothing at home, I find peace and fullness in Van Hai’s music.

The last two years Van Hai moved to find a new life in Asia and to start to work in his new album. After listening to Preconscious, I was happy to see that he literally found new life and inspiration to capture the delicacy in these times of deep change for him. He found inspiration with his recent fatherhood, and meeting new people, and places. A message of hope is stored in this album.

This is a masterpiece made of electronic music with exquisite compositions as a language that speaks directly from the soul. The album begins with the track “Opening” where is possible to see how Van Hai knows to interlace very well the differents synthesizers creating great harmony in their structure. The second track “Hunger For You” is smooth, nicely done, and with a great lyrics. Another really nice and smooth track is “Arya” with French voices and an exquisite female chorus.

Next track “Albatross” seems to begin with an ethnic rhythm but is transformed in extreme musicality. Lyrics with much meaning can be found also in “Trown to the wind”. Then “Hai Kham” real voyage of keys and melodies that literally makes me fly, and is one of my favorite tracks in this album. The surprising “Come On” come back with a message in his lyrics. Track number eight “L’onde”, which I’m listening right now, I would love to know French now to understand the lyrics, very nice song! Three tracks to finish the album “Motortrack”, I love it, love it, I’m totally impregnate with it. With “Inocence” returns the control of the voices, and backing vocals to create a beautiful song. The album ends with “Closing” where I feel chained to the ringtones and melodies while the beat batter my heart.

Awesome work, my friend!

I hope you discover it by your own by listening the Preconscious. Van Hai gave it to all of us for free. Enjoy it !


Download the album Preconscious.


1. Opening

2. Hunger For You

3. Arya

4. Albatross (with Minski)

5. Thrown To The Wind

6. Hai Kham (Movie Soundtrack)

7. L’Onde

8. Motortrack

9. Innocence

10. Closing


This is Van Hai’s introduction to Preconscious

here is finally the album, a paradoxal message of hope in a moment of deep change.

It’s a two years project process that led me in some unknown places, meeting new beautiful people (Dawad & Minski,…). It’s also the moment for me to have a break and think about things I want to express, I can’t eternally say the same shit.

Feel free to do what you want with this present. I think it’s in good hands.

You’ll also find in the folder a booklet with images and texts. Many thanks to Manisone for these magic images, illustrating perfectly what is for me ‘hope’ for next generations.

Thanks for your advices, critics and feedbacks during these two years that I posted the evolution of this work, even if it’s not really new to your ears, it’s also a part of you.

Big hugs to each of you, have a life full of good things, just like me at this moment. 




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