Viper Creek Club Hot Lights

In general, I like bands of producers, those are geek’s bands, they are really into their stuff. So just that gives a point from me to Mat Wisner’s Viper Creek Club. Then the music works, it’s fun, and has character. Other point. They also have a cool graphic presentation, nice photos, nice cover. One more. And the marketing production for the EP Hot Lights is solid. They scored.

So here I am.

You should listen to these guys. Not wasted time at all. And if you like electronic dance indie pop, or anything around that neighborhood, then you might add a couple of new tracks to your daily playlist, or the whole album. The EP has a good party vibe, Djs playing at house-bouncing parties could adopt some of the tracks. Hot Lights is certainly material for fun remixes. Nice riffs, and nice loops.

Hot Lights will be available since February 14th.

Check it.

Viper Creek Club “Because I Know”

Photo by Casey Sjogren

Find more information on Viper Creek Club official blog.

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