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Last September was released this compilation of electronic tunes made in China. The strange note about this album is surprisingly not coming from Torturing Nurse’s track but from the fact that this is the first release of a new record label from Lisboa named Labareda. The link came to me through American Booze who is one of the artists featured in the album.

Regardless the origin the compilation is fun. The collection includes many tech and noise sounds, there’s a lot of funky synths too, and some experimental electronic vibes, and a bit of retro techno sounds. It could have had more sounds  and artists to be a more complete reflect of China’s electronic landscape, there are many more good electronic artists in China and more styles in development besides experimental beats and noise, but the collection is enough to open the channel of communication between another corner of the planet and China. And if this would be the first thing that a random listener in Portugal hears from China, then I bet he or she will want to know more about what’s happening here.

Now the question is how many people in Portugal are getting the news about this album. Since the is the first release of Labareda I’m betting not so many yet, but hopefully they are doing their promotional work as well as the curatorial job they did for the album. Other way these tracks will become one of those hidden treassures coming from faraway lands that just few got to enjoy. That’s cool too, but I bet they all want more listeners. Anyway, you guys are very probably some of the first lucky ones getting the news.

The featured artists are Meng Qi, Zebre​-​Rouge, thruoutin, Fløøød, Noise&Noise, DJ Doggy, American Booze, and Torturing Nurse. If you know them all then you can imagine that the smoothy resulting from mixing these sounds tastes like rusty grooves, add some vodka and you will have a good coktail for your evening.


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  1. Sonja

    Thank you for the review.
    This is my first ever release. True that maybe I needed more artist but I am planning a volume II. The idea needs to grow and to solid.
    Great artists here and I am very thankful to all of them.
    And they are surely getting some antenna time in Portugal.


    1. mache

      Great news! Keep it going, and send your news any time


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