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Episode 01 is the first record released by Guangzhou’s band yourboyfriendsucks! The EP has six songs that rotate around pop rock showing a very simple side of the band, the promo sent by the band with the album described their music as “some retarded pop songs added too much reverb, along with silly lyrics in Chinese / English / German and don’t-know-what-to-play-here-so-I-played-some guitar noise.” You might agree with the band after listening to the songs. I think the sounds they show in Episode 01 don’t make justice to what you get when you see them live, it shows just a portion of all that this band offers when they are on the stage displaying all their skills.

“diu x 3” is a bouncy tune that sounds a lot like the funfunl 80s. “Stay/Stayaway” has a guitar solo that recalls the post rock scene that’s been produced in Guangzhou and around all China really. And “白鹤” makes me think a little of the early sounds of Hedgehog, and also a bit of CAssette, and I like it.

Episode 01’s six track flow easy and quickly and it’s a sweet pink ride, that if you enjoy just a little bit I can assure you will enjoy much more once you see them live during their upcoming tour that is about to start in few days.

yourboyfriendsucks! are Zoey on vocals, Space on bass, Androw on guitar, Grey2 on drums, and Siugat on guitar. They are great on the stage, and serious into their music, so we should definetely keep watching them, I believe that now that they got into recording their music we soon will be listening much more and greater sounds from them.

Catch them on their East Coast Summer Tour, you will be happy you were there.

The dates:
5.18 Hangzhou FULL HOUSE w/饿力爆,枕头人,智齒
5.19 Nantong The Void w/Dirty Monster
5.20 Shanghai 云采Café w/Little Monster,安防队,HOWHY
5.21 Xiamen “再见,南国” Real Live w/The White Tulips,饿力爆,Schoolgirl Bye-bye
5.22 Shantou 斑码Loft w/Miss Future

Buy the tickets online on Ticket outlet.
Get the album on their Bandcamp, or on Taobao.

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