Arlene Estrella Was Shanghai's Lady Crooner


During the weeks that we were in pause one bad news broke our tranquility, Arlene Estrella, Shanghai’s charming crooner, passed away the first week of 2013. It was unexpected. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer around April of last year, she went through a treatment that showed positive results by the end of summer 2012. On December, she went back to  Manila, her hometown, and there she found  her condition worsened. Still it was sudden when her friends and music family in Shanghai got the news of her death. Many didn’t know of her illness, or that she was not doing better as she thought she was.

Arlene was part of Shanghai’s jazz scene since 2004, but more likely since always, because those periods when she was not in Shanghai touring around Asia, living in Vietnam, or back to Philippines, she would usually come back at least for a quick hang and jam and it would be like she never left. She was a connatural Shanghai jazz cat.

Arlene Estrella had a chic voice, a candid style, a filling laugh. She was respected and will be remembered for her professionalism, her talent, and most of all for her friendliness. I’m thankful to have met her, and to have enjoy with her and friends some beautiful nights of fun, laugh, and over dosed with music. I’m sure she had many great moments like those, and certainly she kept them as joyful memories that took with her.

We join the sorrow of all those who loved her and were enlightened by her and her charming voice. Arlene will be remember smiling and singing. We are lucky she left enough music recorded to be played and to bring back the cool dandy charm of her crooning any time we want.

This Sunday, February 2nd, her friends, music mates, and Shanghai music lovers will commemorate Arlene Estrella at a memorial that will be hold at JZ Club at 6.30pm.

This is Arlene.



Thie quality of this video is not ideal, but it’s Arlene with some of her all time band mates at JZ Festival 2010.



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