B6 + Antidote + "Post Haze"

Lou Nanli, 樓南立, is B6: musician, producer, graphic designer; an artist, in summary. His newest album, Post Haze, will be released tonight at The Shelter.

Post Haze was also produced by B6, except for one track: “Red Sky”, a remix of a track by Shanghai duo John & Kaka. Post Haze is being released under the wing of Modern Sky Records for their Guava imprint.

Post Haze is the result of one year of work and includes a big load of Shanghai spirit in the form of local slang and some extra samples you will be pleased to hear if you have ever been to Shanghai and paid attention to the sounds of the city.

B6 will be touring China in support of the album right after tonight’s party at The Shelter. The launch has been put together by Antidote and has a lineup of 6 Djs with Trix, Ben Huang, Kico, and, specially recommended by Antidote’s organizer Michael, Dre Skull from Brooklyn. B6 will take control of the booth around midnight and of course will be the big dish of the night.

Now, we know tonight there will be some big name DJs playing in our big city, and, as tempting as it is to spend more than 300 Rmb to listen a two hour set from a big name, I am way more interested in going for the local option. I am one of those who believe Shanghai’s music is fresh and interesting and it feels good to be proud of the art produced in one’s own town.

B6 photo by Tim Franco

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