Best Music Moments of 2012, and A Meditative Break


The end of the year is always a little chaotic, specially when the end of the year comes loaded with prophecies. Right?

Here at Layabozi quarters, the input of music and information is being a bit overwhelming, plus some of us are starting Christmas holidays, and some others are working on the budget management of their own projects, others are looking for lost invoices to justify extra expenses, and all of us are creating ideas for 2013. Basically we are crazy busy.

Also I have been waiting for these days since the first time I heard of the Mayan calendar, around 1998 when I was receiving my witchy education (something like my years in Hogwarts… yes, exactly.). With so much awesome music around us this year, I haven’t taken enough time to dedicate to meditation, and I can feel my chakras are not well aligned, I really need time to dedicate to meditation. I’ll need extra power to connect since I won’t be in Titicaca lake at the Gate of the Sun in Tiwanaku, as I would have liked to be, to join the big celebration of Pachakutik for the final union of the condor and the eagle, to receive the returned Quetzalcoatl, the big energy rain, and the possible opening of dimensional doors through the activation of the golden disk in Titicaca. Yeah, I know my magic.

So we need to take some time off, time to go to celebrate Christmas and New Year, to get the reports done, to align chakras, and connect with the source of energy for higher enlightenment and wisdom, and to organize the chaos we have in our quarters right now.

But before pausing the biz, let’s remember some of the best moment we had during 2012,  and we had many. We want to thank you all for enjoying with us these great moments, and from our very pink energy center we wish you a happy end of this cycle, a safe and fun transition to the higher frequency of love and peace, and a great beginning of the next cycle. Are we in sync with the times or not?!

Okay dudes and ladies, our best memories of 2012 in no particular order.


The Friendly Fires days. A couple of days after their concert I ran into Edd, we chat a little bit and he told me they had a great time, and they really were having fun in Shanghai, he said they wanted to come back, and we sure hope so. I think their concert was one of the best of 2012 in Shanghai.

The times processing our Headphones Banger, specially the ones from Drunk Monk, and R3.

Our concert to celebrate our four years of life. Specially the previous weeks chatting with Misuzu about it, and the back stage chats with the guys of The Fever Machine, and the incredible set they played, they sure turned the stage on fire for us. It was lovely.

The Last Waltz of Boys Climbing Ropes. I was part of the production of this one too, and I loved the experience. Working with Morgan was a great time. The whole process from the very first minute we talked about producing it together, to the very last one when we finally paid to the bands. It was awesome. Unforgettable mosh pit, too.

Talking with Job Campbell. All the emails, the interview, the hang when he was in Shanghai. A lot of motivation for us.

The Hedgehog days. Sun Fun Gun of Hedgehog was a great album, and a very cool concert in Shanghai. We had a great time with Zo, and Atom before and after the show, and every time they came back to Shanghai.

The new music (new new, or new to us) that made it to our hearts:  Buromaschinen, American Royalty, Nova Heart, Willow Neilson’s Light Bulb, Lapalux, Mere Women, MHP’s Chinese Connection, Alec Haavik Friction Alliance, Disasteradio, Hedgehog’s Sun Fun Gun.

The Illumin8tors shows, specially the last show, and all the times we hanged with them.

The Strawberry Festival, again great times with the guys of The Fever Machine (thanks for that extra pass!).

The tour with Capitan Tifus. Definitely unforgettable. Highlights of the tour were Vox in Wuhan, absolute greatness there, the unexpected awesome hang with Mickey and DJ Oshi at Downtown Bar in Qingdao, the show at Nanjing when the band almost lost their soul, the great show they did in YYT, and all the arguments we had while in the van going from one city to another one, specially the silent ones. Seven emotional cats with artsy moods. Who wouldn’t have loved it? … I did.

The odd weekend of Zebra festival, including the exhilarating previous night with friends at Bar 88, and Lola. A summer break to remember.

The awesome times during JZ Festival.

The story of the tour of The Fence Collective. We heard it from the guys of the band, from Dostav, from Archie, and we would have heard it again and again still many more times. Memorable times with Split Works.

The LYBZ meetings with lots of beer, smokes of all colors, specially those coming out of our heads figuring out our schedules and organizing the million things we want to do, and the arguments to accept we can only do some of those.

Sunday nights at 390 Livehouse with Theo and Anthony, specially the night that Anthony jammed to whiskey.

All the gigs of Afro Sonic Orchestra with DJ Cavia at JZ on Saturday nights.

The tour of Androsace and their diary, specially when Lenz wrote, because of the headaches and laughs to edit the naughty parts.

Downstate’s album release at The Shelter.

The days of Booshkabash. Good back stage hangs.

That’s it. Sure we had more great times this year, these are those that came up first to our memory. In case you feel like more memories, here is the big list of the music we played with on 2012.

Have a great end of the year! See you in 2013!




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