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Carsick Cars has a new album in the oven. The album has no title yet, and it’s planned to be released at the end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. It’s still far away, but already this album has stories to tell.

The band went to the States this year to play at South By South West along with the front of bands sent by Maybe Mars, they were White+, and The Gar.

And it was during the next two weeks after their return to China, and previous their next flight back to the States to begin the recording of this new album that the story really began.

The official story by the guys at Maybe Mars: “Late at night, after a solo show at XP, a tired Zhang Shouwang took a taxi. All he wanted to do was get home and have a good rest. When the car stopped in front of his house he paid the bill, got out and after a few steps felt suspiciously light-footed. Something was very wrong. His heart nearly stopped when he realized why, and he turned around as fast as he could only to find the taxi was already out of sight. The equipment left in the trunk included his original Gibson SG (1965) guitar and all his effect pedals as well as original (and sole) loops and samples for White+.

Drummer Sun Heting in studio

“Shouwang had just lost the stuff Carsick Cars and White+ are made of. And he was due to record new material with his idol. He had no choice but to look to the heavens and say “No! Not now! Not me! Not like this!”. In a clever act of defiance, Shouwang mobilized the world around him. The “Beijing taxi telegraph” started to spread word, he watched traffic surveillance videos recorded where it happened, called one thousand and one phone numbers. Friends and acquaintances started spreading the word over myriad social media platforms, but it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The only information about the cab that contained this valuable stuff was the color of the car, and the pickup and drop-off times and locations, since he’d forgotten to take the receipt from the driver (a lesson for all of us).

“In a matter of hours, Shouwang’s cry for help had already been forwarded 2,000 times; a silent but honest sign of support from his friends and fans. Some even called Maybe Mars to see how they could help him retrieve his material. One particular Weibo user said he’d take 7 or 8 taxis a day only to inquire if any of the drivers had come across this unusual bounty.

Peter Kember working in studio

“A few days later there was still no news on the whereabouts of Shouwang’s stuff and hopes plummeted. Shouwang without his Gibson is like Carsick Cars without a soul, and White+ without its demos are a black hole of nothing.

“Then, someone had a brilliant idea: call a detective who specializes in retrieving things lost and forgotten in cabs. Even though this sounded dodgy and everyone was dubious, this was the trick that did it. In return for a fee, the kind and competent detective got Shouwang back his “precious”.

“So what’s the moral of this story? If you’re going to record an album with your idol be super careful about your stuff. And always take the fapiao from a taxi driver. You might also want to backup your samples, especially if you’re vaguely famous and you make a living with your music.

“The story ends well and Shouwang happily recorded the new album with his relatively new bandmates (since summer 2011): bassist He Fan and drummer Sun Heting between April 7 and 18 at Vacation Island Recording Studio, a first-class location where MGMT, The Vaccines, Kurt Vile and Psychic Ills have all recorded stuff.”

Carsick Cars finally went to the States and happily began to record their third studio album. Produced by Spaceman 3’s Peter Kember and Hamish Kilgour from the cult Kiwi band The Clean, one of Shouwang’s heroes.

If this album is already bringing up fun stories, then we can expect a great work.

Here a classic by Carsick Cars.

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