China's November Rain


A list to love.


Rainbow Danger Club No Title Yet

To be released on November 13th

The album will be a pastache of different styles, featuring low-fi demos, and twenty minutes long improvisational jam. The band is right now, as you read, thinking of names for the album, some ideas they have are Postcards From The  Apocalypse, and Friends of Thunder, they say at the end it could be something else, but apparently it’s about distruction somehow, this could be the chance for you to come out with a name for an album, if you have a good idea send it to them.

The album will available since November 13th on the band’s Bandcamp where it will be available for free download, but you can donate money that will be then given to Movember, a campaign raising money for men’s health issues.

Jesse Munson told us the EP will be “a small taste of a large, grand and wonderful LP coming this winter”.

Listen to “Enduring Love” from their first LP Where The Maps End


Friend Or Foe  What Have You Done With My Claw??!!

To be released on November 16th.

What Have You Done With My Claw??!! is a collection of remixes of the songs  produced by local electronic producers of the songs in My Claw is Never Limp! which was released on 2011.

The official release of the album will be on November 16th at 390 Livehouse and five of the ten producers involved in the project will perform along with Friend Or Foe.

Track List

Crazy Eye (Remixed by The Horses)
Lie to Me (Remixed by iAmalam)
Almost Too Much (Rearranged and recorded by Kaobang)
Excessive Touching (Remixed by Renmin Beats)
Smith & Wesson (Remixed by Luwan Rock)
Double Down (Remixed by Super Ayi Cleaning Team)
Friend or Foe (Remixed by Marzman)
Snortin’ Clorox (Remixed by thruoutin)
Terrorized (Remixed by LON)
Burnt Out Buildings (Remixed by The Horses)

Listen to “Snorting Clorox” from My Claw Is Never Limp


Chui Wan White Night

To be released on November 16th

Chui Wan is one of the new bands raising from Beijing these days. Their promo says about them “Inspired by this concept of seeking the infinite from the mundane, the core of Chui Wan’s sound is formed by the improvisational compositions of multi-instrumentalist Yan Yulong and guitarist Liu Xinyu. Their lush arrangements of guitar, keyboard, viola, other assorted instruments and random sound samples often eschew reliable melodies and vocal harmonies in favor of occasional passages of minimal drone or maximal sonic layerings. Bassist Wu Qiong and drummer Josh Feola provide a stable ground floor from which the band can continually float away, like a sound half-heard and soon gone on a gust of wind.”

White Night is their first album and it will be released under the Maybe Mars label, Chui Wan will tour China with Psychic Ills to launch the album.

Track list


White Cat/Black Cat


Another Kind O f  Love

Dan Ding He

White Night


Tomorrow Never Knows

Listen to “Another Kind Of Love”



Naohai Naohai EP

Digital released on October 1st

Physical release Novemeber 24th

Naohai released this EP on October 1st through their Bandcamp, but the release of the CD will be on November 24th at YuyinTang. This is the first work released by this band that has been having a great year.

Track list 

1. Virgin Killer

2. Outsider

3. Doll

4. Undercurrents

5. Fogdog

Listen to “Doll”


PK14 No title yet

To be relase on November 30th

Their last album was City Weather Changing released on 2008, four years of holidays is a bit excessive for one of the most relevant bands of China, but instead of complaining, better celebrate that we will have soon some new music from the band that was once tagged as one of the most important musical acts from Asia. Expectative are high, of course.

The album will have ten songs produced by Ouyang Hank who also participater in the band for the recording. It was recorded in Chicago, with sound engineer Steve Albini of fame of Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey, The Stooges and more.

PK14 will do some shows around China then, November 30th in Beijing, December 7th in Shanghai. We will tell you the details as soon as they are available.

Listen to “Behing All Ruptures” from  City Weather Changing

The Fever Machine La Chupacabra 7”

Digital release November 19th

Vinyl release December 1st

We already told you about this onetwice, we’ll add it to the list so you can enjoy the rain of cool productions coming to us during these next weeks.

Partnered with Genjing Records, The Fever Machine has produced this 7” that will come out as bloody red wax for lovers of stoner rock.

All has already been said. Then now listen to “La Chupacabra” now.


Chekov 慢 

To be released on December 5th

Recorded on summer of 2012, at Atze Ton studio, composed, engineered, and produced by Atze too.

The CD has ten songs,  it includes the participation of guests such as Lawrence Ku, Alec they participitade on the album, plust two vocalists from germany.

The official release will be on December 5th at On Stage

Track list

1. A Piece Of Fiction

2. Testimony

3. Close To You

3. Kraken

4. Wenderkreis

5. Phonic Phut

6. Nexus Perplexus

7. Tennisgrosse Hagelbaelle

8. Generation Z

9. The End Of Time

Listen to “Nexus Perplexus”


Death To Giants No Title Yet

To be relase on February/March 2013

Recorded in a single day at DB studios, engineered by Ryan Baird, and it will be mastered by Acid Pony Club.

Listen to “Sick And Elastic”

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