Daft Punk Tells Secret to Millions of People.

There are secret gigs, those that are really secret and catch you by chance or because ten minutes ago you got a call from your very good friend telling to move your ass to the bar around the corner because right now Led Zepellin is playing. There are bands that plan a secret gig in advance and don’t really tell anyone, and don’t sell tickets in advance. This kind of secret gig is just something that happens to those lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, or so big a fan of a band that they have developed a way to keep themselves completely informed about it. And then there is the other kind of secret gig.

To talk about this without being ironic is very complicated for me, I just don’t like it when the advertising machine assumes I’m this easy. I also understand there are people out there that look at this things with a positive-fun point of view, so it’s not really a big deal. I know. Clearly this is a very good way to get people to talk about a show (secrets are tempting) and of course there is always some people willing to pay the fortune necessary to reveal the big secret (secrets can be very expensive).
Secret gigs are not a new marketing technique, the real ones have been around for decades already, but this kind has been around less time. And, as far as I know, this is the first one of its type in Shanghai.

Last week secret gigs around the world included one hosted by Prince in his own basement to release his new website, and coming soon are Lilly Allen’s (very secretly) announced three secret gigs in Tokyo, London and New York to promote her newest album and tour. Secret gigs have been there since the music industry became an industry.

That’s my opinion, so here’s the information: Daft Punk is secretly gigging in Shanghai, and for those of you that either really really love Daft Punk, or those who are into being there in the center of pop culture, or those that want to just show off there, the info about it is here, and if you are one of those rare humans that is still not on Facebook, please go here.

I can not finish this without mentioning that the Facebook page for this event contains this quoted explanation given by Daft Punk themselves: “ We don’t believe in the star system. We want the focus to be on the music. If we have to create an image, it must be an artificial image. That combination hides our physicality and also shows our view of the star system. It is not a compromise. ” (I’m impressed John Coltrane and Miles Davis didn’t realize this, their music would have been much better if they would have worn diving bells. (And by the way, I’m sure they never thought about their image, those helmets were in their mom’s closet of course)).

“ We’re trying to separate the private side and the public side. It’s just that we’re a little bit embarrassed by the whole thing. We don’t want to play this star system thing. We don’t want to get recognized in the streets. Yes. Everyone has accepted us using masks in photos so far, which makes us happy. Maybe sometimes people are a little bit disappointed but that’s the only way we want to do it. We think the music is the most personal thing we can give. The rest is just about people taking themselves seriously, which is all very boring sometimes.” (And of course, let’s not forget that art is only for the chosen ones).

Despite the fact that Daft Punk have been doing a fine job in music, we believe it would have been better to just go for the cool option and say, “so what? We want to make money and we don’t want to play for everybody”. This is a case when straight arrogance is a better option. And by the way, they should really be more secretive, check this.

The pre-sale ticket is 500 Rmb, and it does not include any drinks or cds, that’s the value of the secret.

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