Editor's Picks, June 11-14


Sorry, no ShanghaiPRIDE listings here. To access those, we will direct you here. However, we do have island blues, punk rock, hip-hop, and CRACK HOUSE!

Thursday, June 11

Break for Borneo at Kaiba Belgian Beer Bar, 6:30-8 PM

I am going to follow the lead of the Big Duck and use this platform to shamelessly promote my own band. We are a four-piece group with two guitarists, occasional ukelele, percussion by a dashingly handsome young drummer, and bass stylings by the one and only Jay Lasry. Three of the four above facts are true. You will just have to come to Kaiba to find out which. The music is chill, the beer is chilled, and the people are the chillest of all.

GoodByeBye Dropkicks at YuYinTang, 9 PM

Hey, I’ve got a great idea: What if after you go see Break for Borneo at Kaiba, you hail a cab, head southwest, and check out the punk band The Dropkicks? Just throwing this out there. The Dropkicks are a three-piece punk band. Good, with a singer who has a very distinctive growl. And you will never get to see them at YuYinTang again. So why don’t you carry out the aforementioned plan? We’ll call it “Get in the Cab I”. I love it when a plan comes together.

Friday, June 12

Mobb Deep at Racks, 10 PM

Not much more to be said that hasn’t been said here. This shit is set to pop. Get there.

Editor’s note: It is also possible that Mobb Deep will be going against a giant of turntablism, DJ Shortkut, from the World Famous Beat Junkies crew on this night at Shelter. However, I’m a bit dubious, since the previous installment last week was canceled due to visa problems. I will keep you posted after we go to press. Stay tuned to Layabozi for all your breaking music news.

Saturday, June 13

Persian Crack House Syndicate + MC Stride at Shelter, 10 PM until You Stayed Out ‘Til WHEN?!?!?

Crack House is probably the greatest genre name since sliced bread. That didn’t make much sense. Come to think of it, that whole “greatest thing since sliced bread” always seemed a bit cockamamie to me. Oh well. I do like the genre name, though, and it seems to fit this twitchy, fidgety, spun-out music quite nicely. Go here for some more information on the show. 50 chips. Bring your own rock.

Sunday, June 14

Ghostface Killah at Zhijiang Dream Factory, 8 PM Doors

See Mobb Deep, above, and here. This should be a killer show so you should, you know, GO.

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