It took us sometime to recover after one month of unquiet silence; the Olympics were only two weeks, but the sound effect lasted one month. While some people were breaking records on sports and beer drinking, here at Layabozi we were having a little rest under the shadow during summer days, we didn’t have the hammock, but we did get the Pina Coladas on the side, The rest time included a little spa renewing treatment, with a small make over, an e-surgery to our homepage. Are we looking better?  And soon, we  will be showing a new feature section worked during these last weeks, the Music Classifieds for all those looking for band members, exchange of music, bands for your gigs, instruments, etc etc etc.

Summer is not over yet (but, damn!, almost), and FINALLY music is back to Shanghai, we enjoyed the Olympics, but still we are wondering how necessary was to have us going through this silent penance? Ok, let’s move on, anyway, we still have two more years to go until 2010, and who knows? may be by then,  it would be more clear around that shutting down music only produce bored tourists. OK, enough talk about this.

While during the “homepage job” we never totally rest (just because we can’t stop loving music) so we are having some news coming. Among them, the soon to come JZ Jazz Festival is looking very interesting from here. We heard also a Shanghai’s favorite trumpet player should be around town thess days,  until is confirm will keep it quiet though. We got Alec Haavik’s long waited CD too,  so we’ll be reviewing it soon. Also a  hot “right from the oven” album we’ve got from Shanghai’s friend sax player Warren Walker. Tomorrow, big party at Logo for DJ Fish birthday party.  The re-openning of The Shelter this weekend. The incredible gigs YuYing Tang is bringing this month to town. The gossip on House of Blues and Jazz gigs, and much more.

We’ll be checking the big concerts too, Shakira, Timberlake, and … who said Ozzy Osbourne??? … nobody???…. oh well, seems that’s just me.

So this is it then, now I’m going for one of those Pina Coldas, and to those new albums I want to listen to tell you about them.

Stay in tune. We are back!

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