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Sam Shepard, aka Floatingpoints (piano player, musician, producer, and DJ) has been making music since his early teenage years, and is now beginning to taste fame as Floatingpoints grows in popularity on the international music scene. One of his inspirations for music is the creative jazz musician Sun Ra, for whom he wrote the track “For you”, highlighted by Gilles Peterson as one of the best tracks of 2008.

Floatingpoints’ music is an elaborate mix of groovy cosmic sounds used dynamically in different spatial dimensions (depth, distance, time). His musical particles create a reach field were sounds float, spark and transform, taking the attentive listener on a trip around an electronic universe.  The general vibe of his sound recalls a happy future along recalling the aesthetic of some 70s projection. Orange, brown and blue colors come out of his tracks when you use your eyes to listen, and there’s a funky vibe about them, pushing you to dance through soft waves of light.


Pure electronic music influenced by old music styles heading further than the future, brought alive by dirty beats and synths that play with melodies and rhythms. Floatingpoints’ music seems to be searching for a deeper meaning within electronic sound (does it seem to you that this is a theme in electronic music right now?). Although not totally developed, Shepard’s music is going through maybe the most fun stage in the process of developing a style, when feedback is positive and sprouts have to become strong enough to resist time and weather. Sam Shepard is only 22 years old, so this could increase the expectations of his audience (and maybe his own), as to the potential of his work.

His 12”, “Love me like this” became a hit among electronic music experts in a very short time. Benji B, Kode 9, Gilles Peterson, Jay Scarlett, Domu, Simbad, Ashley Beedle and Mary Ann Hobbes have recognized Floatingpoints’ talent and have supported his rise from out of London’s underground scene, where he has been developing until now.

Floatingpoints will be playing this Saturday at The Shelter with Alexander Nut, a controversial DJ running his own Radio Show on Rinse Fm, and who is also Floatingpoints’ partner on their record label Eglo. The Shelter is bringing them to play one gig only, and then they will fly back to the western lands. So, if you want to know what is going on beyond your bubble, near the horizons of music: get your adventure clothes on and run to The Shelter on Saturday.

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