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  1. Andy Best

    Exactly right, Zack.

    What’s worse, Club Obama is just another gaudy Shanghai club but bigger and which decided that calling itself ‘Obama’ would have story hungry writers falling over it.

    They were right. People are dumb.

    You are also right in pointing out the common thread in venues that get visited by the man. They are always places that are deemed a threat ideologically.

    See Brad’s comment on my latest post for a great juxtaposition of the ‘reasons’ for closing the venues and the Expo situation itself. I may have to make it into it’s own post.

  2. mache

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the kind of thinking that motivates these situations.My problem with it, it’s that it seems really unreasonable when you see it from what is understood as common sense, and even from what is understood as a smart management style that takes all the possible profit of a project. Closing places that are actually producing positive services for the people does not make sense, specially when they are clearly contributing to the community.
    It’s also strange that they were closing wet markets, and forbidden the use of pajamas on the streets, I mean, isn’t obvious that those things are attractive to people, and that also they create character to a city? isn’t it? .. i really don’t mind that the dvd shops are now having to dress as gadget stores, or whatever stores. i can take that one. it’s of course illegal in the rest of the world to sell unauthorized copies. but why should a wet market close and moved to a dirty smelly building? and why should the music stop? shouldn’t we show proudly that we have such cool places as these? (and please, i’m talking about yuyintang, the shelter, logo, and all the others that are actually producing something interesting… clearly not obama)
    I don’t want to think the minds behind our country are senseless, and blind to opportunities. So I’ve been considering this thing I heard that actually the expo will attract more people from china than from the rest of the world. If this is true, and if organizers know this, then, they could be trying to make shanghai look as the dreamed city of china, in a chinese way of course, and so okay, we don’t want to be seen in pajamas, and neither selling the weird food we eat so freely. well, that isn’t so so senseless. but again, why music? specially music that is not really creating a rebellion, but collaborating with the evolution.
    It’s a pretty annoying not understanding the motives that rule our home as you said Zack, and it’s also insulting to be treated as a dummy, when it’s just not necessary to do so.

  3. zack

    Yeah, that was a full-on dissection by Mr. Ferguson. I was just reading Archie and I thought his contention that the Expo is protecting its roost by harassing the clubs and keeping their gigs exclusive sounds like a pretty salient point, also.


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