Fresh Release HeXieFu, Remixes With The Buddha Machine

One of my favorite objects in the world is the fantastic Buddha Machine, I had a pink one that I loved, and I gave it away, with much love too.

First time I saw this mystic toy I got it right away, that was in JZ years ago, then I went to the home of some friends from Mauritius that had a jazz band playing here at the time, I showed them my new toy, they connected to the speakers, grabbed their instruments (bass, guitar, drums, keyboard), and magic happened. We spent the rest of the afternoon, and the night, playing with my new pink Buddha Machine, totally hypnotized with the possibilities.

When I got it I didn’t imagine the things that the sounds stored in it could create, though there are just few loops in the box, they do have a secret ingredient that stimulates creativity, and somehow turns the experience with the machine in a positive edition of Pandora’s box.

I feel my encounter with the Buddha Machine was pretty magical, as it’s the object itself. Basically, I love the Buddha Machine.  So you can imagine how happy I was when I learned that its creators, Zhang Jian and Christiaan Virant, have just released a new album with the Buddha Machine. The album contains fifteen remixes created with the Buddha Machine, plus a bunch of additional collector’s sweets: stickers, cards, etc. The edition is limited to two thousand copies only, so if you want one you should hurry to get one.

The album HeXieFu is a collection of delicatessen, created by artists specially invited to produce them, among them are musicians we specially love, like B6, Sulumi, and Top Floor Circus. Christiaan Virant highlights also Wan Xiaoli’s, which he describes as simple, elegant, and beautiful.

万晓利@和谐福 - 天凉好个秋 Wan Xiaoli – TianLiangHaoGeQiu (HeXieFu remix) by buddha machine

孙大威@和谐福 - 出于理性 Sulumi – ChuYuLiXing (HeXieFu remix) by buddha machine

楼南立@和谐福 - 虞丘雨 B6 – YuQiuYu by buddha machine

顶楼的马戏团@和谐福 - 越来越快 Top Floor Circus – Faster and Faster by buddha machine

窦唯@和谐福 - 和无题 Dou Wei – HeWuTi (HeXieFu remix) by buddha machine

林强@和谐福 - 勝意樂 Lim Giong – ShengYiLe by buddha machine

子曰@和谐福 – 本生 ZiYue – BenSheng (HeXieFu remix) by buddha machine

大忘杠@和谐福 - 财神们 DaWangGang – CaiShenMen (HeXieFu Remix) by buddha machine

Besides this album, the Buddha Machine creators have been receiving hundreds of remixes produced with the mystic box, these remixes are being released weekly on their Soundcloud page starting since the first week of 2012. Christiaan says “I’m happy for anyone to send me their remix and I’ll check it out… if its good, I’ll add it to our remix of the week”, then if you are a Buddha Machine lover, give it a try.

Buy HeXieFu by FM3, the Buddha Machine creators, from Bleep, or Fmusic.

Find the new weekly remixes of the Buddha Machine page on Soundcloud.

Find more information about the lovely Buddha Machine on its official blog by FM3.

And you can buy the Buddha Machine on the links mentioned on its blog… and dear sweet loving readers…  it will be Chinese New Year soon, I still haven’t replaced the pink one I gave away, so I’d be  very very happy to get a new one.

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