Hermitud in The Shelter

It sounded like it should mean something, I searched around and I found this: 

hermitude: a combination of the words ‘hermit’, and, ‘attitude’ indicating the suggestion of the ‘hermetic vas’ spoken of by Jung. In Jungian terminology, the Hermit is the archetypal “Wise Old Man”. The hermit, being “the primitive man who trusts the unconscious” (von Franz on Jung’s ‘Zofingia  lectures’) is one whose way of life is concerned with authenticity, the inner attitude to life, and  developing one’s inner and intuitive life, as opposed to playing a role in the external world of sociopolitics. (from

Maybe the time has come for layabozi to tell we have an undercover collaborator among us, our own personal witch, She like to be around us, we really don’t understand well why yet… well at least, I don’t. Anyway, she has some good uses and one of those is that she manages a lot of information about ancient mystic esoteric themes, not all of them really useful or practical, but well, for what’s the matter, many other things aren’t either.

Well, I told her about these Hermitude guys and she gave me an extra long speech (kind of abusively long) about the tarot cards and the Hermit. I tried to convince her to write this article herself but she’s very stubborn and strange too. Anyway, she explained to me and the others here yesterday, that the Hermit has this “wise man” thing going on around him, but in the other hand, the other side of the Hermit is he tends to pass over emotions and emotional empathy, she said, the Hermit is very wise but not really warm neither nice. So well after that and this definition I found this is a bit contradictory word, attitude seems to be what the Hermit does not really have or even wants to have, no real interest on being part of society really. So why would he need an attitude? Then someone that is reproducing the attitude of the Hermit, as soon as is reproducing it as an attitude is totally away from the Hermit. The definition doesn’t explain it like that really, but it says is coming from hermit + attitude, I don’t know to me this seems an oxymoron.

As the witch explained me, we all have all the archetypes in ourselves, like different personalities maybe she meant, so she said to call the hermit in ourselves we just need silence and loneliness. So why the Hermit seems to be far away from attitudes because an attitude is something to use as we interact. Kind of complicate, uh?

And if you need silence and loneliness, I really wonder what does hermitude has to do with the Hermitude guys playing music to crowds? Exactly the opposite. These guys seem to be a contradiction in many levels.

Free the Wax is having Hermitude at The Shelter this Thursday. Hermitude are two Australians doing hip hop + electronic. I have been hearing Hermitude’s music today (yesterday) and I like their wave, the melodies are nice, the rhythm flows and the music is creative. Besides there’s the oxymoron name they chose and the strange result that could come out of the Hermitude playing in The Shelter. I think all of these are good reasons to go to check them and hopefully meet them to see if the “witch” was right on what she said I could expect from them.

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