In Memory of Sugar Mama

Last week Shanghai lost a great singer and a beautiful person. Sugar Mama (aka Jacqui Staton) made a strong impression on audiences around China, and the warmth, humor, and passion she brought to Cotton Club will echo off its walls for a long time to come. She was an entertainer in the highest sense, as a vocation, a calling to connect with audiences, to bring them to a higher, more vibrant and intense emotional plane, where hope, sadness, and the pangs of love can rise to their full height and look you in the eye. She had an emotional authority that is rare anywhere and unmatched in Shanghai. To those who knew her personally she was gracious, affectionate, and hilarious.

She had the most soul and power of any singer in Shanghai and the most I have ever experienced in my life. We miss her and we will continue to, but we are also so lucky and thankful to have known her.

There will be a memorial service of words and music on August 2nd at Cotton Club, starting around 8:00pm.

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  1. zack

    Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention, Mike. I don;t think I have seen it anywhere else. RIP, Sugar Mama.

  2. zack

    whoops, adam from luwan rock had it, too.

  3. Sophie

    Goodbye mama. Thank you for the great memories at The Big Easy. Love from your Beijing girls.


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