In Response to the Best Random Rules

Andy Best put a fun little post up on Kungfuology today, his Random Rules.

The rules for Random Rules are simple. Turn on your mp3 player, put it on shuffle, play for 10-13 tracks, and record the results. There are no skipsies. That is cheating, you wanker.

After my first track, I wanted to cheat.

1. “12 Fingers” – Young the Giant (Young the Giant)

I don’t even really know this band. I probably heard about them sometime on a music podcast and decided to check them out. Not the worst music in the world, but not the best.

2. “Choorhay Lare” – Heems f/ Lovedeep Singh, Pawan (Nehru Jackets)

Wow, now it just got weird. This is Heems, one third of the absurdist rap troupe Das Racist (more to be heard from them in Layabozi in the future.) This is his mixtape, which is pretty good. I’m going to guess that the predominant language here is Hindi (don’t kill me if I’m wrong) so that’s pretty cool. Nice track.

3. “Selfish” – Partisan (Core in China)

Another track and band I know nothing about, but it comes from the excellent Core in China compilation so it is awesome. I really like this track on certain occasions. Makes me wanna punch a hole in the computer screen, but I won’t because then I couldn’t finish this post.

4. “From Another Side” – Snapline (Future Eyes)

I haven’t really gotten into this album yet, but here it is. This is from more of the Soviet Pop side of Snapline and I like it. It’s very Kraftwerk-y.

5. “Clean Slate” – M. Ward (A Wasteland Companion)

Another sort of geeky, NPR-type selection, but a very soothing song, actually. Pretty funny in conjunction with the previous track and the one yet to come. Wait for it…

6. “911” – Rick Ross (God Forgives, I Don’t)

Yeah. Let’s just say this is not the best track off this album and leave it at that, OK?

7. “Reagan’s Skeleton” – Yeasayer (Fragrant World)

Yes! Now I look like a genius. I really like this band and I think that this, their latest album, is their best yet. You should check it out. The title is certainly one Mr. Best could get with. The only way to make it more palatable for him might be to change it to “Thatcher’s Pubic Bone”.

8. “All the King’s Horses” – Dusty Springfield (Dusty in Memphis)

Can’t knock the hustle. This is my favorite track off of this great album. We’re getting even more eclectic.

9. “Orange” – Hedgehog (Honeyed and Killed)

A nice, chill Hedgehog song. Not my favorite off this album, by any means. That would be “Kill Your Age”.

10. “Why Even Try” – Theophilus London (Timez Are Weird These Days)

I think this is a very underrated album for what it is, a pop/hip hop/chillwave/R&B hybrid that is really fun. Check this guy out.

11. “Tapupukitipa” – Rita Lee (Hoje é o Primeiro Dia do Resto da Sua Vida)

I have never heard this song in my life, but it is awesome. I think the riff is cribbed from Black Sabbath. I must have gotten this from Maché.

12. “Exodus” – Micranots (Obelisk Movements)

Nice way to end it. Another underrated group for their genre, this duo out of Minneapolis really killed it for two albums.

So there it is, 12 tracks of absolute randomness. Maybe I will spend the time to make this into a playlist someday, but for now, let’s just think about how awesome my mp3 player is.

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