Kiss leaders go polyglot

Last Friday night Kiss leaders, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley chat online with millions of people from ninety-two countries to celebrate the launch of, a new online application that can instant translate over 50 languages on the most popular IM applications. So we logged in to check it out, armed with few questions, if any of them could have reached the duo. Of course, some Internet “issues” got on our way, who knows, the great firewall might not like Kiss, or maybe it was just bad luck. Anyway we got to check it out and we got the questions and answers posted on the chat.

On the site where all this was happening it was also streamed a live video showing the two Kiss leaders in front of a crowd where a presenter was passing the microphone once in a while to the audience to ask directly questions to the rock stars when they were taking a break away from the computer. Of those questions that are not included on the chat, the one to remember is from a guy who asked to the living legends if it was true the myth that their costumes used to grow mold inside. The rockers said that it was absolutely true, that it was on their early years, when they had only one set of costumes per each of them. Later they got to have a couple of them, but still it was not enough. They said that when they were on tour, after they finished a show they used to found the way to their backstage rooms following the bad smell. Indeed, the smelly side of rock is easily forgotten.

The show last around two hours, most of the time the conversation was fun, but it was impossible to skip the displays of the duo on marketing and self promotion every five minutes, they sure sold well the “miraculously” application, and the a-ma-zing projects of Kiss movies, video games, books, panties, comics, cartoon, etc., etc. Lucky us, they didn’t promote a perfume right after the story of their costumes, or the new real state company that Gene Simmons is forming now. The positive side is that it’s always nice to remember that here in Layabozi bubble, we are far away from the cold-hearted senseless non-stop-flow of neon signs pushing people to eMp-Ty-whatever and buy any-lady-whoever. Anyway, these Kiss dudes already gave a nice piece of them to music, so we respect them. Conditionally, though.

Here. The questions that the world asked to Kiss leaders last Friday night.

[Ed.Note: The questions were written in different languages, and translated with Ortsbo. We edited the most distracting errors on the questions, as we did also with some typos by Gene Simmons, though we kept some mistakes that we think preserve the colloquial tone of the chat]

Q: Hey KISS your Sonic Boom album is really great. Do you have plans for another album or song?

A: we’re very proud of Sonic Boom and everything that’s led up to this new album which is untitled but picks up where that led off and it’s firmly rooted in everything that we’ve done over the last 3 decades you will love it we promise

Q: Hey Gene just here in Mexico in a diary allegedly left a note saying that this was the last Kiss tour and at the end of the band would disintegrate, is it true?

A: The answer is simple KISS IS FOREVER. We will be back

Q: Have you thought to play other songs besides Mr Speed ? flaming youth? what about the solo albums?

A: We love to play as many of the classic songs as possible but we are ultimately the servants of the Kiss army and they have always told us in no uncertain terms that they wanna hear the most famous songs

Q:  How much time is spent on the imposition of makeup?

A: For us the makeup is never an imposition it is our warpaint which we proudly apply before going into rock and roll battle

Q: Hello Gene Why do you wear all the time sunglasses?

A: Well, the lights blind me…after over 30 years on stage… and I’ve become light sensitive and now for the truth it’s cool

Q: Hi guys what bands have influenced your work?

A: We’ve been influenced by all our heres from Elvis to the Beatles to Led Zep How are we doing?

Q: How did the idea to go out without makeup?

A: We do what our consciounce dictages, not what fads and fashion direct. KISS is from the ehart, and we decided to play concerts without the makeup because we felt it was the rigfht time We decdied to put the original band back together, when it had its time. KISS, however, will always be KISS.

Q: Paul on what guitar you play?

A: I play Signature Washburn Paul Stanley model the greatest guitar available in better music stores worldwide. At a price you can afford.

Q: Gene. How long is your tongue can show it again?

A: Javier, I’m sorry. I’m straight.

Q: Favorite place in Stockholm

A: Our favorite place in Stockholm is Cafe Opera…great food…great locdation…gorgeous women…

Q: Gene how are your Mandarin lessons coming?

A: It’s true we were recently conducting some business ventures in China, but it’s also true I simply have not had the time to take Mandarin lessons…I can only say a phrase or two…like “hello” or “you’re welcome”… But it’s also true and we should take note, Chinese is spoken by more people than any other language and we should all learn by using how to speak other languages.

Q: What country has the most attractive women?

A: All of them. Thank you, Jesus.

Q: Gene how important is your program Family Kewels in your life and your family?

A: Very.

Q: Hi Gene I have 13 years and have seen as Kiss has made appearances on shows cartoons for children are no plans to make new appearances in other shows, cartoons?

A: Yes. WE are currently in the final stages of creating a live action KISS TV series and will also be stomping our way into a new series of comic books. Don’t forget we’re also a cool rock band.

Q: Of all their songs have any favorites for you?

A: My favorite song for obvious reasons and some no so…is LOVE GUN

Q: what is your favorite food MEXICO?

A: Fav Mexican food is…the chicas Sdpecial.

Q: hello mr. Simmons and Stanley, what do you think of the evolution of rock music today?

A: Music is like food something for everybody one food that makes one person happy makes another one sick Pick what you like What I like doesn’t matter.

Q: Hi Paul, one day you draw the artwork for an upcoming album?

A: No. The artwork for the next album will be in the style of Destroyer a classic cover for a classic album the new album deserves the same

Q: Have you ever been in Morocco?

A: No. Unfortunately, we have not. We wish you and all Morroccans the very best in what’s going on in the world. We support you. If you could be here and hear the overwhelming response of the people in this room, you would know you are loved.

Q: Paul what is the song that you like singing?

A: I would love to sing God of Thunder but Gene won’t let me even though I wrote it

Q: Do you enjoy the smaller towns you play in these days?

A: We love playing stadiums We love playing arenas We also love playing small venues every bnow and then, to get closer to you

Q: Paul what is your favorite band besides KISS?

A: Hmmm. Paul said I should answer…this is Gene Favorfite bands, would probably mirror yours… Beatles, Hendrix, Stones, and new bands? GaGa is cool… and that’s about it.

Q: Is not it hard to walk in such high shoes on stage?

A: Yes

Q: What’s the best gig you’ve played?

A: Our first.

Q: Paul who inspired you to write a song? Forever is my favorite song of the same perfection. Greetings from Lithuania
A: I wrote Forever because I think that at ehe end of the day the important things are the relationships that are close to you and your family and hopefully the one relationship that means the most to you will last forever.

Q: how many kilos of pyrotechnics are used up in a KISS Tour?

A: A lot

Q: Paul has some video game that you’re addicted?

A: I don’t play video games but I am looking forward to the KISS video game coming soon.

Q: hardest part of being a rockstar …. [Ed. Note: this question was from someone in Japan]

A: More importantly we send our prayers and best wishes to all our friends in Nipppon for a swift recovery fromthe incredible disasters that have affected all of you As for hardes part of being a rock star there is nothing hard I am damn lucky.

Q: What do you think of tribute bands?

A: Yes it’s true KISS has hundreds of tribute bands around the world. And it is the highest honor to see how mahy of them work so tirelessly to do it the right way the KISS way

Q: When Paul began to break guitars?

A: At the end of the show. Paul began breaking guitars when he could afford to

Q: The weirdest thing that ever happened on stage. Where was it?

A: KISS was at the LA Forum. We were playing three concerts in a row. During the second concert, in the middle of the show We were shocked to see an entire leg being held up over the heads of the bans. We stopped the show, not knowing what was going on. The leg, I might add, was pink, with sox and sneakers on it. It turned out to be a prosthetic leg that the fan wanted signed during the show. We did.

Q: what do you do after a show …

A: Each other.

Q: have you ever thought a KISS to shoot film on the origin of KISS today?

A: Yes. And we’re working on it.

Q: Generic what is your favorite food or sex music?

A: Yes

Q: Gene the weight of your costume?

A: The costumes have weighed as much as 60 pounds, and currently about 30 pounds.

Q: Do your children want to become too rock musicians?

A: My oldest is a terrific blues gtr player and will probably pursue that my two younger ones still can’t figure out what daddy does

Q: Gene How old were you when you first took the bass guitar?

A: I first started singing in bands…then started playing guitar…but settled on bass, since there were few bass players…I thought of it as job security..

Q: Generic what is your favorite food or sex music

A: Yes

Q: Have you ever thought to shoot film on the origin of KISS today?

A: Yes. And we’re working on it.

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