1. The first tune you loved… When you talk about love … I mean, LOVE! … well it would probably have to be Life Is A Pigsty by that cherpy chat of pop, Morrissey. You know, he’s right, and it’s the first time a song has truly …. I mean, TRULY … said what I was thinking at the time. I may or may not have been in a pigsty at the time.

2. The band that opened your ears. I don’t normally allow musicians to perform complex surgery on me, particularly not when it comes to something as vital as the ears. However, I did once allow Neil Diamond to put me in the recovery position, but that’s a whole different story.

3. The instrument(s) you play. I play a little thing called the Heart Strings. I pluck them every day as I try to make a breakthrough in this craving world of iconism. In a non-philosophical sense, I also play the harmonic. Or do I? Hmmmmm.4.Your song: My Sharona … it was written about me, you know, when I used to be known as, yes, Sharona.

5. Favorite song + band from your country of birth. Oh, that’s a tricky one. You see I’m from lots of places. I’m legion, for we are many. The song would probably have to be Sunzech Frome Yultedicl, and old country fable about losing your ipod on the Pony Express. The band would have to be Puppies In The Fire. They rock! … in a ‘make a little girl cry’ way.

6. Your Shanghai theme. “I love rock ‘n’ roll. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby!”

7. The band you want to see playing live. All of them, good and bad. Although I’ve always wanted to go to a festival and throw a water bottle (empty or otherwise) at Justin Timberlake. Not like a posh bottle of Evian, I mean one of those big cooler bottles lazy office workers stand around and talk about why Erika is such as bitch.

8. When it is not about music it is about… chemicals. We’re all just chemicals.

9 . Your relationship with ducks… They know where I am, but we keep our distance. It’s been tough after the break-up.

10. Your favorite spice. Jam. Is jam as spice? If not, it should be.

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