Layabozi Presents: Culture Clash!!!


I am coming to you as a fan here.

At my desk in Layabozi Central, I am taking off my journalistic derby hat with the press pass stuck behind the band. I am now putting on my rasta rainbow cap with the fake dreads down the back which, in case you haven’t seen me in the clubs, is what I wear to all music shows I attend as a fan. So you can trust me when I tell you that Layabozi Presents: Culture Clash will be a kicking Shanghai rock show. Just look at the lineup:

First off, Weghur. Who are they? Oh, just Shanghai’s entrant in the China Battle of the Bands. That’s all. And we ain’t talking no weak Pepsi battle of the bands. This is GLOBAL, baby. There may be no I in team, but there is a we in WEghur. So get over here and groove to the Xinjiang stylings of Hassan and his magic band.

Who else, you ask? Dovetail Joints. Remember them? They haven’t played a show in many a moon. But they have found a superb fill-in bassist, and they rock. Melodies, harmonies, heaping helpings of guitar and drums; they’ve got it all. I am convinced that Adam Gaensler could slay a dragon with his guitar. That’s how much confidence I have in him and this band. So if a dragon invades YuYinTang this Friday night, we’ve got it covered. And I’m talking real dragons, not just Dragon from Duck Fight Goose.

Speaking of which, the universe will be saved by animals. I don’t care what you say. That’s what I have read from Duck Fight Goose’s Douban page. If that is indeed the case, then if you don’t go to this show, if you shun Duck Fight Goose and their quirky form of rock music, you’re basically saying that you don’t care about the universe. That’s really selfish of you, dude. Uncool.


The night’s capper is Boys Climbing Ropes. I’m talking about the band here, not actual boys and climbing ropes. Why are Boys Climbing Ropes cool, besides being a propulsive jet of synthesizer and sheer rock intensity? They are the only band I have ever heard of who derive their name from a “Wayne’s World” quote. OK, I made that up, but only the “Wayne’s World” part. (Could it be true, though?) As you can tell from the pic at right, they mean business. Xiao Punk? That girl might just bounce and gyrate right off the stage this time. It could conceivably happen. Good thing they will have some ropes on hand.

Catch the cultures clashing at YuYinTang, Friday night, October 23. 40 spicy duck necks gets you in to see 4 great bands. Keep checking for some ticket giveaway contests in the coming days.

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