Michael Jackson and the Power of Music

Michael Jackson on Billie Jean

Michael Jackson’s influence on the history of music is indisputable. This is something everyone understands and respects. So it follows that the majority of the world stopped to recognize him in the aftermath of his death. And it’s still going on.

The day he died I was awakened by calls telling me what had just occurred. Michael Jackson died. I was not impressed, sad, or sorry about it because Michael Jackson is not the music idol I will cry for when he is dead, but for many people he was.  As the day began to move, the reactions from fans all over the world combined into a huge wave of veneration in positive and not so positive ways. I got many more impressions and reactions from friends, family, and even strangers, about MJ’s passing and his legacy.

As noon passed, I began to keep record of all the reactions from people on Facebook. It was impossible to skip this news, as it was all over everywhere. There was a shower of reactions by all possible ways of communication. Some comments were sad, some were impressed, some were laughing, some complaining, some calling for justice, some singing his tunes, some even reflecting about the lightness of  being. This is one of those moments in history, like when Elvis died, or Lennon. Generations of fans cried together, and for a day the planet shrank a bit…all because of a pop star. Music.

As the day passed I thought there was so little I could really say about Jackson that would be worth expressing. My life was affected by his music, but not so deeply touched that I could honor him well enough. I’m not the only one feeling in similar way. This strange guy became a huge character of our time, and his path to our hearts and minds was music. It wasn’t because of politics, technology development, or discovering a cure for some disease. Would the world cry like this if Stephen Hawkins or Bill Gates died? Not likely. We love our artists so much more than others. Maybe they give the cynics in us a chance to have more faith in human kind.

The day he died, every place I went to played Jackson’s music- the jazz, hip-hop,  electronic, and rock worlds gave a moment of recognition. Probably there were many homes and mp3 players playing his music too. I guess even people on the North and South Poles did their Michael Jackson tribute. From one extreme to the other, the world remembered the life of a man because of his music.

The last thing I heard that day about his dead was it was impossible he was dead. He could never died, he was too big to died, so this must be a plan of him, a whole act just to run away to live his 30 last years of life on tranquility on some beautiful spot of the planet. Yeah, right on the same neighborhood where Elvis is living too. Kiki, who told me that, was being real, she was not playing when she said it, and she almost convinced me it was possible.

During that fateful day Layabozi collected comments on Facebook about Michael Jackson the day he died. We present them here as a way to pay our final respects to the King of Pop, to show a small part of his kingdom reacting to his death. Cheers, Michael. Thanks for your music, your dance moves, your creativity. Strangely, through you, we learned more about the world.

Dave Kollection “Gone Too Soon” Like A Comet Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky Gone Too Soon Like A Rainbow Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye Gone Too Soon Shiny And Sparkly And Splendidly Bright Here One Day Gone One Night Like The Loss Of Sunlight On A Cloudy Afternoon Gone Too Soon Like A Castle Built Upon A Sandy Beach Gone Too Soon Like A Perfect Flower That Is Just Beyond Your Reach Gone Too Soon KING OF POP

Lisa Moi going to watch MJ’s video tonite. suddenly wanna see moon walk again… sigh, my school days idol is gone

Ryan Trix moonwalk for michael at midnight??

Matthew Murphy-Dyson I’m moon walking all day instead of just walking as a gift to the true god MJ.

Cynthia Fdz BLACK or WHITE?

Stella Booze hey man, Michael Jackson died! I’ll miss his dance moves..

James Danderfer Here’s to MJ… I’ll never forget listening to BAD as a kid!

Charles Didjelirium Perez wonders if Michael Jackson will be buried in a black or white coffin…

Reggie Laxatives and another one gone…

Gary Wang MJ!

Clément Pony RIP

Anthony Fitzgerald Caw Memories of Michael anyone?…. For me, driving down to Liverpool in my first car to see Liverpool vs. Celtic pissing myself laughing with Pol Corrigan at the McCartney and Jackson duet (on cassette!) – and who is the third voice in that song who also claims that “the girl is mine” ? R.I.P Jacko! x

Kevin Forslund When I was about 4 I had a MJ shirt with him doing the moon walk across my chest with glittery fluorescent silhouettes of him fading into eternity…. Also, more recently, Hough and Tommy pulled off a wicked rendition of the Black and White closing scene where the faces change to the music, only using those shiny new professional EF pics of ours. Nothing like seeing Lawrence turn into Claudia.

Vijya Bhardwaj Mine is I used to imitate him in old family videos and my sisters would always laugh at how serious I would learn the dance..intense concentration on my face when I would do the moonwalk…I’m really gutted abt it..I had tickets 2 c him in 02 arena 2.

Michael Hicks without “thriller” the 80s would have still been the 70s (musically). or maybe even worse, the 90s. “beat it” is my favorite; the guitar solo by eddie van halen is probably one of my top 3 favorite

Jaime Andres Garcia. …”el rock no te necesita”…

Di Wu We’ll remember you

Mickey Napalm still thinks Michael Jackson is an idiot

Darryl Snow aat least he only produced one Bad album… i suppose at the end of the day his heart just couldn’t Beat it!

Paul Collins Farrah Fawcett chose the wrong day to go, like Mother Theresa 6 days after Diana, and Maria Callas a week after Elvis. It’s all in the timing!


Lihongnina Rossi Wang is shocked by the news, Michael Jackson is dead?! ÄÄÄÄÄÄHHH?

Juan Pablo wanna rock with you tonight!!

Jim Chiu We all want u back Mike – RIP

Theo Croker It’s called BLACK MANS disease ya’ll and Michael (even though he turned very light-skinned) was from that generation………Lets not forget he was a GREAT AFRICAN AMERICAN Music Icon!!!!

Becca Smith And the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again, Who’s bad…

Andy Best Jacko is gone. But I don’t like pop … errr, thanks for the jokes? At least you’ll get a bit of peace now.

Leo de B bye bye michael

Aaron Duckworth i stunned that elizabeth nor diana has said anything yet…….and where’s Tito?

Kaine Lv rip michael j.

Cristian Guary Opazo ’cause this is thriller, thriller night

Abraham Pilcer Michael Jackson was very inspiring for his kindness and love!

Mark Pummell we want you back… RIP

Juan Pablo is missing the King of Pop…I’m shocked still

Spaace Maan Special Tribute to the king Michael Jackson on Saturday. We will play his bests songs at the Japanese Elecktronics Party from original recordings (Vinyls). May he rest in Peace.

Giling Yu Don’t Stop ’til you get enough…..Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Mitchell Sad day….the King of Pop has passed away………

Theo Croker Michael Jackson……..WHAT THE HELL? Look’s like even if you turn your skin white & become a gazillionaire… can still die from black mans disease……

Coté Riquelme The Jackson Four…

Angelina Chen shocking news: Michael Jackson dies

Henri D. Hsen RIP…MJ

Christine Ekki is shocked. Michael Jackson?! no way!! R.I.P…

Lindsay Hermanson noooooo…michael!

Alguien Rock MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD…pta q triste.

Raquel Gacet The king of Pop! will live in our hearts forever & ever!! WE LOVE U!!!!!!

Ashleyann Donohue 250,000 people died today. Some of them were fathers, mothers, daughters and sons. Some were children. Some were soldiers, some were hippies, some communist and some mentally challenged. Some rich, some poor, some middle class. Don’t ask me to be sad about one death of someone who decided to molest children. Allegedly. He died. Save your pity for those close to YOU. Not those close to the world

Logan Smith U HAD THE BEST SONG!!!! Miss u!!!!

Okan Gormezoglu comon man !i know you did nt die ,u cant die bro after to do many thing get up bro…..

Angela Lewis R.I.P. Michael. You are now free.

Kevin Allen its elvis all over again doctors in the USA …….R.I.P…

Zeljko Pera Arambasic prokleti pedofil sad su djeca napokon sigurna od toga ludaka!!!!!!!!!

Antti Rautavaara freaking kidraper

Susan Dixon the pop world will be the same without you in it .we will miss you so much michael jackson ripEhab

Talon Bridgmon darn i really wanted lessons from him

Olivia Askholm i think it´s pretty scaring that he´s dead, but we can stil hear his voice and his messages in his songs… i can´t say anything but, he is living forever!!!

Michael Jarvis We have many Michael Jackson pre printed signed photographs on our ebay store, only £4 a pop, i know alot are after some way to remember him, well heres your way without having to be rich.

Tyson James you are the reason i started dancing michael, you will always be the king of pop.

Micke Sjödén Nää, nu fan räcker det med R.I.P om honom…..

Susan Palin omg it’s so sad, i just got a MJ ringtone at so he’ll always be with me!

Ceeryl Chardonnay RIP Michael Jackson !!!

Quentin Belvedere Steinmetz RIP le roi de la POP

Stanley Chai R.I.P Michael Jackson

Pablo Castro Germaine Jackson está vivo!

Troy Johnston wonders how biodegradable Michael Jackson will be with all that plastic!

Megan Saia love you MJ! Rest in Peace!!!

Giling Yu Don’t Stop ’til you get enough…..Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Casie Lane Millhouse goodbye michael

Yan Jonathan Boodhoo His body left but his spirit and his music will always be in our heart…R I P

Alicia Fierce will drink jesus juice tonight.


Camila Capra Ma meilleure perfo de Beat it !!! Mise en scéne incroyable et choré mouch normalllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! Michael you’re the kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

E.J. Parker R.I.P. MJ!

Patana Ph.D Desde que vi “La muerte le sienta bien”, este tipo de decesos me parecen -cuanto menos – un pelín sospechosos…

Craig McIntosh Celebs always die in 3s. Farrah Fawcet, Michael Jackson … who’s the next to go? You decide!

Michael Michael PAUSE Party tonight @ Shelter, Shanghai — Michael Jackson homage + Yen’s CD release…

Peter Buckley saw Micheal Jackson on his Dangerous Tour and, following the Brit Awards incident, rallied some of his little schoolfriends around to produce posters denouncing the actions of the lead singer of Pulp. So that’s how I completely missed the point of Britpop at the time

Mattia Settimelli in lutto per il Re Michael, il re del pop, colui che ha creato un genere e ha venduto più dischi nella storia della musica con “Thriller”. We’ll miss you, Jacko!

Damien Banzigou Like A Comet Blazing ‘Cross The Evening Sky Gone Too Soon.. It’s a sad day for all those you’ve touch through your music! Thank you very much MJ!! R.I.P

Anna Jacysyzn It’s weird that two of my 80’s icons are dead. I’ve always wanted to have farrah’s hair and michael’s writing skills.

Stephanie Chalmers is all cut up right now. How could I have slept through this? Michael, I love you. You’ve got great shoes.

Alexander Torres don’t stop till you get enough !!!!!!!!!RIP JACKSON!!!! RESPECT.

Emma Loebelson sniff, poor MJ

Carlos Navarrete MJk forever!!!!

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  1. tawanda45

    I don’t understand all the hoopla about a crotch grabbing,drugged addict, child molester,debt ridden, so called singer. He wasn’t all that. Why would parents allow their kids idolize Micheal Jackson? Who in their right mind would let a man, just because he’s famous, let their son, sleep in a bed with Micheal, he’s an adult? not a child. And don’t give me the excuse that he had a bad childhood, either. There are other childhood celebraties that had a bad childhood, as well as non celebraties, who may have used & abused drugs. But we didn’t invite boys over to sleep in our beds. Or I would hope not.
    Micheal isn’t even the biological father of any of his kids. And the press is just now figuring out? Why wasn’t it brought up when he was alive so he could defend himself or provide a decent answer. Which would probably be a lie.
    People around him wanted to be accepted by him so they can say they worked for this freak. He abused drugs.I don”t know if he got them illegally or not. But what doctor in their right mind, let Micheal have his way, tell him/her what drugs to give him? I have back problems, my doctors don’t let me demand or tell them what drugs I want. To give a drug addicted patient, a drug that is only used in a hospital setting for surgery, is insane. That nurse was right to refuse to give it to him.
    I don’t understand why the need to still report on every detail. the man is dead, leave him alone.

  2. Danielle

    Hey michael we all mizz u and we all wish that u nevea died i mean like really ur the king of pop and i throught to myself why did it had to be u like i jzt buzt out into tearz wen i hrd dat u waz gnt but iz alwayz in our heartz i luv u micheal jackson r.i.p.


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