Midi Music Festival 2009 Zhejiang

mid02iThe the continuous changes of plan and misinformation about the Midi Music Festival have created a great deal of talk and gossip about it; possibly the marketing campaign couldn’t have gone as well as this if they’d planned it.

The great news is that finally we know the line up, and all the information you need to go and rock your head off.

The Midi Festival will run from May 1st to May 3d. The place is Youshan Meidi Square (优山美地广场) next to the Jiangsu University in Zhejiang near Nanjing. Zhejiang is on the train line connecting the major cities of Nanjing and Shanghai, and most trains along the line stop there; both regular trains and the faster bullet trains. The cost ranges from ¥13-30 (regular train) to ¥30-75 (bullet train); you can find more information about it on China Highlights site. And those willing to use the event as an excuse for a longer trip can choose the Yangtze ferry from Shanghai to Chongqing that stops at Zhejiang; the trip takes about 14 hours.

Every day the shows will begin at 2 pm and finish around midnight. Tickets are ¥120 for the three days and ¥50 for a single day.

On May 1st the bands begin at 2pm with Beijing dance rock band TOOKOO (more about them here), then Honey Gun Band, Sand Orgy, Turdus from Norway, Twisted Machine from Beijing, Again, Mike TV from the UK (who will be on April 30th at YuYinTang), Thin Man, Army of Freshmen from the U.S.A, and closing the night is the famous Cui Jian. The DJs playing on the Electronic side of the Festival will be DJ Sky Zhang from Chongqing, DJ Bob Chen from Ningbo, DJ Gary from Guangzhou, DJ Harry from Chengdu, DJ Xeum from France, and DJ @llen from Taiwan.

Performing on May 2nd are Yu Guo, Hollerado from Canada, Spring Autumn, CMCB from Beijing, Priestess from Canada, The Subs, Gammalux from Germany, El Columpio Asesino from Spain (who will also be playing on May 1st at MOcA’s Art Lab), AK 47 from Beijing, and The Stills from Canada. On the electronic stage will be DJ Ivy V from Shanghai, DJ Jerry K from Guangzhou, DJ Fish from Shanghai, DJ Tootekool from German, and DJ Mickey Zhang from Beijing.

On May 3rd LRight Band will open at 2pm, then Bonk from Norway, Reflector from Beijing, Jets Overhead from Canada, Cold Fairyland from Shanghai (you can read more about them here), So Called from Canada, Roshme Band, Yaksa, Muma & Third Party, Blind Sight from Holland, and Miserable Faith from Beijing. DJ Cody K from Hongkong, DJ Jerryson from Shanghai, DJ Eagle Ningbo, DJ Baru from Japan and DJ Ben Huang Shanghai will be scratching tables on the 3rd.

You can buy your tickets for the concert on line on Beijing’s ticket company Piao. And for all those organizing road trips to the concert let us know: take photos, film videos and send them to us- we want to see who wins the “best rock face” award.


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